How to Choose Rug Colors to Match Your Space

How to Choose Rug Colors to Match Your Space

An area rug can work magic in a room from the ground up. But do you go big and bold with a colorful rug or soft and neutral for a subtle vibe? When you're stuck between rug colors, here's how to choose a rug that makes sense for the look and feel of your space.


Relax With a Colorful Rug in Soothing Shades

Want to give your room a serene ambiance? Lay down a dreamy, beach-inspired cool-colored rug. Think pale blues, greens, and purples. By sticking to gentler tones, you’ll “ground” the space with calm. Blue rugs and rugs featuring other cool colors work well for still spaces, like a nursery or reading nook.


Cool, watercolor-inspired colors look like they’re farther away, so think about where you’d want to make a room feel bigger. A feathery gray rug, for example, can keep a family room feeling open, modest, and inviting.


Always think about lifestyle and foot traffic when choosing rug colors from the cool end of the color wheel. You might love the look of a white shag, but spilled snacks and clumps of pet fur can ruin the whole aesthetic. Hide messes with the help of a colorful rug featuring darker blues or cool greys. The more muted the rug colors, the more neutral they’ll look.


Cozy Up With Warm Toned Rug Colors

Warm colors are friendly. Imagine tropical colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows. If you want to add energy to a dining room or patio, search for a vibrant, colorful rug in these bold, summery hues. Warm rug colors feel lively and creative, so they’re perfect for conversation spaces.


You can tweak the color temperature of your rug for just the right amount of warmth. If you want a richer, fuller vibe, choose a deeper rug color. Pull in a rug with heavy chocolate tones for bedroom bliss. Choose a sturdy tawny rug color for a simple down-home kitchen. An added bonus? Wood accents are commonly found in these spaces. They’ll play up the familiar comfort of warm colors.


Blend Colorful Rug Patterns With Decor

Think about how a combination of colors in your rug can affect the rest of a room. What tones can you pull in from your pillows, vases, and other decorative accents? Match your multicolored rug to that surrounding decor for a cohesive look.


Take cues from your upholstery to avoid color clashing. Pair loud patterns with quiet colors and vice versa. For example, bold, prints in your furniture fabric and curtains should be paired with a neutral rug color. A vividly patterned colorful rug can bring life to solid-themed decor. A room with too many colors and patterns can look busy, so keep things balanced.


To go easy on the eyes, choose a rug with two to three colors side-by-side on the color wheel. For a sophisticated, contemporary look, choose rug colors that mix subtle greens, greys, and blues. To pull off an earthy desert scheme, use a colorful rug patterned with intense reds and rustic tans. Complimentary colors may also work well in rug patterns — aim for two complimentary colors and a neutral for a colorful rug that’s both bold and balanced. Check out the Top 5 Trending Rug Patterns for more ideas on rug colors and patterns.


Use Color Contrast to Establish an Anchor

If you’re not a fan of the vibe in your room, your rug color can shake things up. Simply use contrast. The difference between light and dark can swing your aesthetic in a different direction. This is especially true if you’re Decorating With Rugs on Hardwood Floors.


Picture how a moody traditional color or lively pattern can bring dimension to a sparse, airy space. It adds visual weight so the room looks fuller. Your furniture and decor also seem more pulled together with a strong colorful rug border. The same goes if you have a floor with darker wood grains or carpeting. When you layer it with a light-colored rug, the room won’t look as cramped or stuffy.


Using the color wheel, find tones that mimic the walls or flooring that you’re trying to contrast. Choose a rug in a color directly opposite. This ensures a complementary color pairing, which will keep your design looking intentional.


Blend Solid Rug Colors for a Harmonious Look

Looking for something more monochromatic? Choose a rug color that doesn’t call attention to itself. In a whitewashed space, muting your rug color can help a room to seem super tall and open. This makes sense for a farmhouse entryway or spa-like bathroom where you want to create a clean, simple feeling. Natural fiber rugs work great for this aesthetic.


Matching the shade of your rug to your floor also helps to raise the focal point in a space. If you have a beautiful view, piece of art or statement furniture that you want to highlight, keep the emphasis upward by disguising your rug. Look for raised textures in a neutral-colored rug so that your floor covering helps maintain a bit of interest below.

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