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Aquarium Supplies Checklist


A fish tank not only holds pets; it adds to your home's decor and gives you something peaceful to look at while relaxing. Keeping an aquarium can be an interesting hobby, and having the right supplies will make maintenance easy. The aquarium supplies you buy will differ based on whether you have a freshwater, saltwater, or brackish aquarium; which fish breeds you include; and the size of aquarium you choose. However, there is a list of aquarium supplies every aquarium needs. This aquarium supplies checklist will help you find the fish supplies you'll need to get started.

Essential Aquarium Supplies:

  1. Filter: The filter removes particles and impurities from the tank, keeping the water clean and healthy for your fish.

  2. Air pump: An air pump provides oxygen to the water for your fish. The filter you choose will determine what size of air pump you need.

  3. Gravel, landscaping materials, lighting, and plants: These aquarium supplies beautify your aquarium. Live plants also add oxygen to the water. Some types of fish like having places to hide, so be sure to provide some appropriate aquarium supplies in your landscaping.

  4. Water conditioner: The water conditioner makes the water from your tap safe for your fish by removing any chemicals.

  5. Net: These aquarium supplies are used for catching fish and for placing them in your tank. A net is particularly helpful when you need to temporarily remove your fish from the aquarium for cleaning.

  6. Siphon hose: A siphon hose is used to clean the gravel. Gravel should be cleaned with aquarium supplies about once a month to ensure a safe, healthy atmosphere for your fish.

  7. Algae scraper: The algae scraper can be used to scrape the sides of the tank, keeping it clean. Some breeds of fish will do this cleaning for you. If you choose an algae-eating fish for your tank, you can forgo algae-removing aquarium supplies.

  8. Thermometer and heater: These monitor and maintain your aquarium's temperature. Depending on the fish breeds you choose, you will need to maintain your aquarium at a specific temperature. Fish are very sensitive to temperature changes.

  9. Fish food: Fish food comes in flakes or as fresh food. Fresh fish food (insects and similar things) can be used as a treat or as the main food source for your fish.

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