Anniversary Gemstones At-a-Glance



Gemstones have long been thought to bring a person luck. On your anniversary, they're also a great way to show the special person in your life how much you care. In addition to gems, precious metals and specific pieces are associated with some anniversary years. Use this guide to choose an anniversary gift or a piece of gemstone jewelry for this milestone occasion.

Once you have determined which gemstone will be perfect for your anniversary, you might be wondering which type of jewelry to select. Gemstone jewelry is available in a wide range of styles. For a romantic reminder of your relationship that can be worn every day, look for anniversary rings. Gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can be extravagant for special occasions or casual enough for regular wear. Consider your loved one's wardrobe and style whenever you're shopping for jewelry gifts.

Some anniversaries are associated with a gemstone or precious metal and a coordinating celebration, called a "jubilee." Celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with a silver jubilee, your 30th with a pearl jubilee, your 50th with a gold jubilee, your 60th with a diamond jubilee, your 70th with a sapphire jubilee, and your 80th with a ruby jubilee.

Anniversary Gemstone List:

Year Gemstone  
1st Gold Shop gold jewelry »
2nd Garnet Shop garnet jewelry »
3rd Pearl Shop pearl jewelry »
4th Blue topaz Shop topaz jewelry »
5th Sapphire Shop sapphire jewelry »
6th Amethyst Shop amethyst jewelry »
7th Onyx Shop onyx jewelry »
8th Tourmaline Shop tourmaline jewelry »
9th Lapis lazuli Shop lapis jewelry »
10th Diamond Shop diamond jewelry »
11th Turquoise Shop turquoise jewelry »
12th Jade Shop jade jewelry »
13th Citrine Shop citrine jewelry »
14th Opal Shop opal jewelry »
15th Ruby Shop ruby jewelry »
16th Peridot Shop peridot jewelry »
17th Watches Shop watches »
18th Chrysoberyl Shop chrysoberyl jewelry »
19th Aquamarine Shop aquamarine jewelry »
20th Emerald Shop emerald jewelry »
21st Iolite Shop iolite jewelry »
22nd Spinel Shop spinel jewelry »
23rd Imperial topaz Shop topaz jewelry »
24th Tanzanite Shop tanzanite jewelry »
25th Silver Shop silver jewelry »
30th Pearl Shop pearl jewelry »
35th Emerald Shop emerald jewelry »
40th Ruby Shop ruby jewelry »
45th Sapphire Shop sapphire jewelry »
50th Gold Shop gold jewelry »
55th Alexandrite Shop alexandrite jewelry »
60th Diamond Shop diamond jewelry »
70th Sapphire Shop sapphire jewelry »
80th Ruby Shop ruby jewelry »

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