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Amanda Mears

Amanda Mears

Amanda Mears specializes in content about home decor, apparel, and art. She has been creating online content since 2010.

Guides by Amanda Mears:

  1. Best Reasons for Choosing Quilts If finding the right blanket for your bedroom is giving you a major headache, look no further than a classic quilt to solve your bedding woes.

  2. Buying Chandelier Lighting for Your Dining Room Chandeliers are the ultimate statement piece in a house. From giant crystal chandeliers to simple styles, lighting fixtures have the ability to make a room glow.

  3. History of Scented Candles Candles have been lighting up homes for thousands of years, and scented candles are now a standard household decoration. These candles give off soft light, are handy in an emergency and fill your home with an enveloping aroma.

  4. History of Black Friday Sales For some, Black Friday sales signify the beginning of the holiday season, while for others it's a day to avoid retail stores at all costs.

  5. Facts about Vincent van Gogh The story of Vincent van Gogh's life is as dramatic as it gets in the world of art. Although his famous paintings are rich with bright colors and whimsical scenes, van Gogh suffered from several mental illnesses throughout his life that left him cripplingly anxious and often depressed.

  6. How to Create a Global Look with Home Accessories A collection of treasures from around the world can make your home feel more interesting and profess your love of travel.

  7. History of Peruvian Masks Decorative masks create a well-traveled atmosphere in your home. From colorful and friendly to dark and dramatic, these masks come from various regions all over the world and represent different cultures.

  8. How to Use Lighting to Decorate for a Party Hosting a successful party requires the right balance of ambiance and entertainment. After you've finalized the menu and stocked up on decorations, focus on the lighting effect you want for your soiree.

  9. Best Bed Linen Basics Whether you're just venturing out on your own and need to start from scratch or want to completely restock your linen closet, there are a few bedding basics you'll want to keep on hand to make your bedroom feel put together and comfortable.

  10. Tips on Buying Canvas Art The easiest way to transform a bare wall into a spectacular gallery is with canvas art. These three-dimensional paintings literally pop from the wall, creating a simple focal point that can make your home look more polished.

  11. History of Seiko Watches From handcrafting the oil that is used to lubricate the watches to creating the luminous compounds used on the hands and the dials, Seiko remains dedicated to carefully crafting the perfect watch.

  12. Top 5 Reasons for Daily Meditation Breathe in. Breathe out. Practicing daily yoga and meditation takes only a few minutes and can supply you with a bevy of health benefits.

  13. How to Care for Luxury Bath Linens There's nothing quite like wrapping yourself in the most luxurious bath linens after stepping out of the shower or tub. Investing in quality bath towels and washcloths can turn the mundane act of bathing into a relaxing daily ritual.

  14. How to Choose a Timex Watch If you're on the hunt for a new watch, take a look at what Timex watches have to offer. From sport watches to dress watches, Timex has it all. With so many options, finding the right Timex watch for your lifestyle can be overwhelming.

  15. Tips on Choosing Massagers Whether your feet need a little extra care after a long day of running errands or your shoulders are in desperate need of a rubdown after sitting though endless meetings, an electric massager helps alleviate the aches and pains of daily living.

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Updated February 2, 2015