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Alexandrite Jewelry Fact Sheet

by Brooke Bartlett

A pretty alexandrite ring

Those born in June may know alexandrite as one of three birthstones for the month, along with moonstones and pearls. It is also the traditional jewelry gift associated with both the 45th and 55th wedding anniversaries. Alexandrite is beloved among gemstones for many reasons. This gem is rare, and it is highly coveted among gemologists and gemstone jewelry consumers. It also offers a wide range of hues, making it the perfect choice for fine jewelry. Let us help you make an informed alexandrite jewelry purchase, whether you are looking for a gorgeous alexandrite ring for yourself or you want to surprise someone you care about with brilliant alexandrite earrings.

All about Alexandrite Jewelry:

  1. Origin: Like all gems, alexandrite is created over significant time and under considerable pressure. It has an unlikely composition, consisting of beryllium, chromium, iron and titanium. This makes alexandrite a rare gemstone. Alexandrite is primarily found in Russia, where it was discovered in 1834. Small caches of the gem have also been discovered in Brazil, Sri Lanka and Tanzania, although Russian alexandrite is typically the most prized and tends to be the most expensive. Alexandrite is also the national stone of Russia, and it was named after the future Czar Alexander II.

  2. Appearance: Its ever-changing color is what makes alexandrite unique among gemstones. Depending on the light, alexandrite changes from vivid green to purple to red. Brown or grey tones are also available, but these are generally less popular in jewelry than the brighter hues. Alexandrite is also a hard gem, making it easy to care for and durable enough for everyday wear. These features make alexandrite perfect for use in gemstone jewelry such as rings, earrings and necklace pendants.

  3. Selection: Color is the most significant aspect to consider when purchasing an alexandrite piece. With alexandrite available in so many hues, you can find one that suits your wardrobe. You should also consider the clarity and the cut of the stone. Oval cuts tend to be common in alexandrite jewelry. With so many types of alexandrite to choose from, you can truly have your own unique jewelry piece when you select this versatile stone.

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