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How to Find Affordable End Tables

How to Find Affordable End Tables

Form and function make end tables a decorating necessity, giving you a handy spot for your mug of coffee or an appealing site for family knick-knacks. You want to choose the table that fits your family’s needs and your regular expenses. Read on for how to find the durability, material, and features of an end table that suits your budget.

Understanding Material and Labor Costs

affordable end table materials

The price of an end table rises with the quality of its material and the time spent to build it.

Expensive, durable materials like oak and mahogany lead to higher prices. You’ll also find this with labor-intensive techniques like mosaic tops or dovetail joints. High-end materials such as marble also add to the price tag, but cheap base materials will help you find a luxury end table under 600 dollars. Hardwoods such as birch, teak, or cherry are popular end table materials due to their strength and sturdiness. But hardwood trees grow more slowly than softwoods like pine or cedar, so hardwood end tables tend to be more expensive.

See our full guide to the Best End Table Materials for more details.

Upgrading Your End Table with Extra Features

end table features

You get what you pay for. So while specialty features may increase price, they’ll enhance your day-to-day life. Sorting your favorite table materials by feature ensures you’ll get all the elements you want in your end table.

Got a Boho or farmhouse room that needs a special touch? Handmade end tables bring artisanal flair to your furniture, making it worth your while to pay a little more for an artist’s time. Don’t be afraid to invest in specialty features like built-in storage to keep clutter at bay. If you’re more technologically inclined, many end tables under 300 dollars feature built-in charging stations. Or look into a lift top end table for multifunctional use, from extra storage to a concealed desk.

Finding the Best End Table on a Budget

end tables on a budget

Sort by price when you shop online, and it’s easy to find an end table under 100 dollars. Check clearance and refurbished sections to find the perfect piece that won’t break the bank. Overstock has free shipping* to ensure worry-free delivery and gives you a little wiggle room when you spot that one table you can’t live without. It’s worth your while to check our sales and holiday deals to score an end table under 50 dollars.

If you’re trying to find a deal on an upscale end table, take a step or two off the beaten path. Unusual materials can lower your price tag. Want the look of solid wood without the cost? Look into MDF furniture with a wood veneer. Wicker end tables suit coastal and Bohemian decor, and lightweight aluminum gives you the sheen of polished steel without the cost.

*Available in continental United States.

From hand-carved wood to glittering glam showpieces, end tables are the perfect finishing touch for your decor. Now that you know how to find an end table at the right price, check out our guide to Top End Table Styles to narrow down your choice.