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How to Find Affordable Accent Chairs

How to Find Affordable Accent Chairs

To get the best price on accent chairs, you have to consider the material, build quality, and design. Use the guide below to understand the factors at work when it comes to the price of accent chairs. We’ll help you find a budget-friendly option.

Accent Chairs Under $200

Affordable accent chairs under $100 typically have a smaller size, perfect for casual use. Slipper chairs and other armless chairs with short legs feature a petite size that’s perfect for a small nook. These inexpensive accent chairs integrate seamlessly into surrounding furniture without overwhelming your space.

Synthetic fibers, such as acrylic, simulate the look and feel of materials such as wool at a fraction of the cost. Other inexpensive yet durable upholstery fabrics include linen, polyester, and microfiber. If you want a semi-soft lounging place, find a conveniently folding round moon chair with shaggy faux fur upholstery to cradle you in warmth. Medium-density fiberboard, plywood, and particle board are common framing options for budget-friendly chairs. However, keep in mind that cheap accent chairs may not be as strong and hardwearing as higher-priced ones.

Accent Chairs Under $400

These accent chairs usually feature strong wooden and metal construction. Consider a modern, minimalist chair with a sponge-filled seat and embellishments such as button tufting to add a bit of visual flair to a room. A low-back mid-century modern chair crafted from wood and goldtone-plated steel makes a sturdy companion.

Accent chairs in this price category also feature plump, cushioned seats and backrests for superior comfort. Position a satin-upholstered club chair in your entryway, bedroom, or reading corner. If you want the extravagant look of leather minus the hefty cost, consider faux leather accent chairs.

Accent Chairs Under $600

If you’re looking for your new favorite chair to use constantly, a high-end accent chair is a worthy addition to your home. Sip warm coffee in front of the fireplace as you take a seat in your large thickly cushioned leather accent chair. Leather is a widely used material that exudes lavishness, feels opulent, and lasts long. Velvet accent chairs caress your skin sumptuously, look extravagant, and instantly catch the eye. However, this material is not suitable for rough use.

When you want tough support and long-lasting strength, an expensive accent chair definitely offers a good value for the price. Explore solid wood options, including teak, oak, and cherry. Meticulously crafted chairs with high-quality materials, a robust build, and ornate detailing not only add beauty to your home but also stand the test of time.

Whether you consider sturdy wood alternatives or spend lavishly on solid wood and plush upholstery, there’s an accent chair in your price range. See our guide on How to Choose an Accent Chair for more detail on material, style, and more.