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Advantages of Acer Computers

by Paul Sanders

Young women using an Acer laptop

Certain electronics manufacturers stand out because of their ability to produce quality electronics and offering them at notably low prices. Acer is one of those manufacturers. Acer computers feature some of the best specifications in the industry at affordable prices. While you search for the perfect computer, try comparing your preferences and necessities with what Acer has to offer. To help you hit the high points, here are a few of the highlights that make Acer computers stand out.

Acer Computer High Points:

  1. Memory: Memory is the muscle of your computer, and Acer computers have it where it counts. Acer laptop computers come with a solid amount of memory installed with room for additional memory sticks later on. And Acer computers aren't lacking when it comes to hard drive space, either. You can get over 300 GB of hard drive storage or more in an Acer computer without adding much in price.

  2. Portability: Acer's line of netbooks and notebook computers are ultimately portable. With a slim profile and screen sizes that range from compact to expansive, these portable computers fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle. Slip your lightweight laptop into your backpack or laptop bag and you're on the move.

  3. Wireless: What is portability without accessibility? Acer computers feature the latest in wireless accessibility options. Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots at home, at work or just about anywhere else. And with Bluetooth capability, you can connect Acer computers to Bluetooth devices like headsets, printers and more.

  4. Connectivity: Connection options are especially important for attaching devices and transferring files. Acer computers sport plenty of connectivity ports for USB devices and connector cables for attaching external displays, drives and networking devices.

  5. Affordability: With the memory, screen size and other great features packed into Acer computers, the prices are still remarkably low when compared to models from other manufacturers. You can find the perfect laptop without making a large dent in your budget.

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