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Top 6 Accent Chair Styles

Top 6 Accent Chair Styles

Accent chairs do a lot more than provide extra seating. You can infuse personality into your living room decor or bridge mixed and matched motifs. With a little inspiration, choose an accent chair style that creates the look and feel of the living room you want.


Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs: Bring Back the Glorious Decades

A mid-century modern accent chair brings in a subtle vintage twist. It’s the perfect style to give your living room a clean, non-ostentatious aesthetic. With sleek silhouettes and soft curves, it can also break up the rigid straight lines in your home office.


Accent chairs in this style are equally decorative and functional. Choose an accent chair with flared hardwood legs and a channel back to create a retro vibe. Or go for a piece with a minimalist metal frame and deep velvet seating to enjoy luxurious comfort without the bulk. A barrel chair in a classic Chesterfield silhouette doesn’t just make a bold design statement; its curved, sheltering back also makes it a perfect addition to the bedroom or anywhere you need a comfy retreat.


Modern and Contemporary Accent Chairs: Plush Look and Feel

Minimalist design. Subtle sophistication. Contemporary accent chairs make any space feel comfortable and welcoming without the unnecessary detailing. Their mostly neutral palettes reinforce the look and feel of airy rooms, but that’s only one way to elevate your decor. A blue or yellow accent chair adds vibrancy into any room that feels dark and moody.


If you want to create an artsy look, the sweeping curves of a contoured egg chair will do the trick. Scout for similar pieces with enveloping backs and sides if you’re looking for a comfy nook to read your morning paper. Or opt for an upholstered swivel accent chair for comfort with flexibility. With a swivel chair, swat that fly around your home office or turn easily from conversation to TV.


Glam Accent Chairs: Soft and Luxurious

Looking for a feeling of upscale interior design. Glam accent chairs have the glinting brilliance of polished metal frames and the gentle comfort of high-pile fabrics. They’re perfect for anyone looking to add some sparkle to their living room.


Glam decor is all about the shimmer, so an accent chair with dazzling white faux fur upholstery and gold-finished legs makes for a strong focal point. This style is also big on textures and patterns. Bring in a monochromatic quatrefoil pattern to transport your bedroom to a past architectural era. Or go for vibrant florals to create a nook that reminds you of your favorite vacation spot.


If you’re just looking for a touch of the Hollywood glamor but don’t want to splurge on a high-end sofa, a tufted accent chair with red velvet upholstery will do.


Transitional Accent Chairs: Classic and Cozy

Bridge contemporary and traditional design with transitional accent chairs. The timeless flair of this style evokes a serene atmosphere. Its soothing vanillas and taupes and rich textural fabrics are an easy shortcut to give your room some character and personality. Perch a wingback chair next to a fireplace and cozy up for your favorite show, or move it to the head of a dining table and create that throne-like look.


Traditional Accent Chairs: Warm and Inviting

Traditional style emphasizes comfort. It’s a return to the familiar and accessible. Think amply cushioned seats with ergonomic back supports, natural materials, and warm, welcoming tones. Since traditional style draws a lot from 18th century royal design, it has regal undertones.


Set up a traditional accent chair with a dark cherry finish, cabriole legs, and molding details against the fireplace. You now have a setup with the opulence of a majestic era. The consistency of traditional design doesn’t have to feel predictable. A traditional accent chair with vibrant florals or medallion prints can add visual interest to a room with neutral walls and furniture.


Boho Accent Chairs: Simple and Playful

If you’re thinking unassuming elegance with a relaxed vibe, boho accent chairs are most likely what you have in mind. Picture unexpected shapes, like you see in butterfly chairs and papasans. Any accent chair with a low profile invites chatty guests to sit and stay awhile. Bohemian style means versatility. Boho accent chairs swing between colorful patterns and intricately styled natural materials, such as caned wood and woven rattan.


For an easygoing aesthetic, an armless chair with vibrant hues like pink or orange gives your living room a pop of color without taking up too much space. Set up an oversized faux fur moon chair at a corner of your living room and lean back as you catch up on your favorite TV show, or move it outside and enjoy comfortable head and back support as you star-gaze.

Now you have an eye out for the accent chair style that appeals to you. Visit our guide on How to Choose an Accent Chair to narrow down your options by material, pattern, and more.