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Best Accent Chair Materials

Best Accent Chair Materials

When you want to lounge for hours, it’s important to choose chair upholstery for the ideal level of comfort and maintenance. From classy leather to plush velvet, express your style and satisfy your relaxation needs. Explore materials to choose the right accent chair for your living room, home office, or bedroom.


Leather Accent Chair

leather accent chair

When it comes to durability, leather never fails. Choose leather upholstery if you want an accent chair that’s naturally thick and sturdy. It doesn’t fray, and small scratches are simple to buff out using a leather polish. For mild spills, just wipe your accent chair with a clean, damp cloth. A leather conditioner can help keep your accent chair in tip-top condition.


A leather accent chair holds up excellently to wear and tear in homes with raucous kids and pets. Plus, it’s non-smell-absorbent. While genuine leather is usually expensive, this high-end material offers a lavish look and feel. A faux leather accent chair is cheaper, but compared to genuine leather, it may not retain its luster and durability for a long time.


Velvet Accent Chair

velvet accent chair

For an elegant look, indulge in deluxe comfort with a velvet accent chair. Velvet features a short, dense pile that gives depth to colored fabrics. A velvet accent chair is the perfect foundation for your reading nook or complement to your vanity table. Velvet is well-known for its sumptuously soft texture and opulent appearance. This double-woven material is also available in solid tones or printed designs.


However, a velvet accent chair may not be a pet-friendly choice. Velvet can wear out fast with rough use. It’s also important to vacuum velvet chairs regularly to get rid of dirt. For stains, a steam carpet cleaner may be necessary.


Wood Accent Chair

wood accent chair

Wood is a timeless and versatile choice for accent chair, blending well with any style. Choose wood for your accent chair if you want raw beauty and enduring strength. Its natural finish will warm up your home, and makes a gorgeous complement to fabric, leather, and faux leather upholstery.


Oak, walnut, cherry, and teak are durable choices for a solid wood accent chair. With their hardwearing structure, they make for a well-crafted chair that can last many years. However, keep in mind to keep your wood chair away from water and sunlight to maintain its good looks.


Metal Accent Chair

metal accent chair

Like wood, metal is tough and long-lasting. But it’s got the added bonus that it won’t rot or chip away. Maintenance is easy with mild soap and water, and powder-coated finishes help prevent rust. Metal is quite flexible, making it an excellent material for creating geometric cutout bases and abstract curvaceous shapes to form modern masterpieces.


Manufacturers typically use stainless steel and iron to craft stylish accent chairs. Find a shiny chrome accent chair to add a lovely sheen to your reading nook. A goldtone metal chair injects a touch of glam to your elegant home.


Rattan Accent Chair

rattan accent chair

Recreate your own mini paradise with a coastal rattan armchair in a whitewashed finish. Known as a climbing vine, rattan is widely popular for its flexibility. Manufacturers weave this material to create sturdy and appealing accent chairs. The process of weaving materials such as rattan and bamboo is called wicker style.


Wicker accent chairs create vacation-like comfort and ambiance when paired with a plush, cushioned seat. When you want an eco-friendly option that withstands harsh temperatures, a rattan accent chair is the way to go.


Plastic Accent Chair

plastic accent chair

If you’re looking for something lightweight, hardy, and easy to move around, a plastic accent chair fits the bill. Plastic is affordable, low-maintenance, and versatile. It stays corrosion free and simply requires wiping down to get rid of dirt. However, plastic accent chairs do not last as long as wood or metal chairs. Select from a wide variety of fun, eye-popping colors to redecorate any seating area.


Chenille Accent Chair

chenille accent chair

Fabrics with a distinct pile create a cozy, intimate vibe. Lusciously soft and fuzzy, chenille upholstery invites you to sit and relax. Think of sipping tea on a chilly morning, snug in your chenille accent chair. Or pair it with writing desk for a niche that’s perfect for postcards and thank-you notes.


Suede Accent Chairs

suede accent chair

For a softer take on leather, consider suede accent chairs instead. Suede’s velvety texture helps balance a shabby chic room or soften your rugged rustic vibe. Picture a suede accent chair in your home office or paired with a roomy side table in the man cave. In deep, earthy tones, it can blend with styles from traditional to industrial.


Cotton Accent Chairs

cotton accent chair

Cotton accent chairs wick away moisture easily, offering breathable comfort. If you want an elegant look minus the steep cost, cotton is a stellar option. The texture of this organic upholstery also offers an easygoing, authentic appearance, perfect for coastal or farmhouse homes. Cotton readily takes to dye, so this versatile material can create fun designs and comes in a variety of stunning patterns. A cotton accent chair stands up to constant use in busy homes.


As a fabric chair, maintenance may require a steam cleaner and a liquid detergent solution. Cotton can also be swapped out to lengthen the life of your chair. Avoid saturating the fabric when cleaning.

Now that you’ve chosen the accent chair material that will hold up best in your home, check out our guide on How to Choose an Accent Chair. It will help you narrow down style, price, and more.