AAA Cubic Zirconia Buying Guide

AAA Cubic Zirconia Buying Guide

Woman wearing a cubic zirconia bracelet
A cubic zirconia is a great way to get the sparkling look of a diamond with a noticeably smaller price tag. This beautiful stone has become a staple in everything from fashion jewelry to high-end rings and necklaces. Crafted with zirconium oxide in cubic form, cubic zirconia jewelry, also known as CZ, is the most popular diamond alternative because of its dazzling appearance and realistic, diamond-like shine. CZ is a timeless material for all types of jewelry that continues to improve with technological developments.
Woman wearing a cubic zirconia bracelet

About AAA-Rated CZ Stones:

The Meaning Behind AAA

Like in diamonds, cut, quality, and color affect the grade of cubic zirconias. An AAA-rated CZ stone will surpass a lower grade piece in symmetry, luster, and shine. The AAA rating is the most popular grade for high-quality fashion jewelry. When you buy an AAA-rated cubic zirconia, you can feel confident that your jewelry will shine for years to come.

CZ and Flawless Shimmer

Cubic zirconia is not found in nature, unlike diamonds and other gemstones. Natural stones contain blemishes and flaws, but CZ is carefully crafted under precise laboratory conditions. This means that the manmade cubic zirconia stones seen in fashion jewelry are flawless. A flawless constitution gives the CZ a brilliance that rivals even the finest diamonds. The manmade quality also ensures that cubic zirconia is an environmentally friendly choice.

Versatile to Wear

Cubic zirconia is very popular in fashion jewelry. When you shop on Overstock, you will see stunning CZ creations in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Cubic zirconia is a beautiful stone that can be worn in all situations. Simple round AAA CZ stud earrings look lovely for everyday wear, while larger dangle earrings can be used to dress up evening attire. Cubic zirconia can be worn to work in a bracelet or to a special occasion on a thick necklace. This shimmery gem can even be set in an engagement ring as an affordable diamond substitute.

Enhanced Presentation

A jewel’s beauty is enhanced when it is paired with quality materials. These flawless AAA cubic zirconia stones are set in tarnish-resistant sterling silver, heightening their brilliance and shimmer. A black velvet gift box further elevates the presentation of this sparkling CZ jewelry.

Taking Care of CZ

The cubic zirconia has a hardness rating of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, meaning that this gem does not scratch easily. The AAA cubic zirconia is very easy to maintain. Learn more in our guide on caring for cubic zirconia jewelry.