A Starter Guide to Smart Home Systems

A Starter Guide to Smart Home Systems
Smart home systems are the way of the future, and not just among the tech-savvy. With so many responsibilities and so few hours in the day, who can resist the appeal of devices that make scheduling and managing day-to-day tasks a breeze?

A Starter Guide to Smart Home Systems

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a great investment that will help you save on utilities. Smart lights can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times of day. You can use traditional light bulbs and purchase smart outlets, or invest in a hub and smart bulbs. If you have a voice-activated home assistant, you’ll be able to verbally turn your lights off and on from anywhere in your home. And if you entertain regularly (or want to amuse the kids), consider investing in light bulbs that can change colors. You can even create a disco ball in your entertainment room with a quick verbal request.

Smart Safety

If you travel frequently, or if you often find yourself nervous you’ve forgotten to lock the door, there are several smart safety devices you may want to consider. Opt for an entire home security system that can be controlled through your smartphone, or choose to install separate security devices. Depending on your needs, you should look into security cameras, smart door locks, doorbell cameras, and motion-activated outdoor lighting.

When installing separate devices, it helps to make sure they all work with each other — especially since you might want to add more options in the future. With safety comes peace of mind, and with these smart security options, you’ll feel good knowing your home is well-protected.

Smart Cooking

Perhaps you’d like to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee every morning. Or maybe you want to monitor the progress of your pot roast from the office by checking an app on your phone. All these options (and more) are available with the latest smart kitchen appliances.

Smart coffee makers and programmable pressure cookers are a great place to start. If you’re ready to replace your larger appliances, there are even smart refrigerators capable of texting you when you run out of grocery staples like milk and eggs. Just imagine how much time that will save you, especially if you’re a parent dealing with the morning school rush!

Smart Temperature

If you sometimes forget to turn down the heat or air conditioning before you leave for the day, a new thermostat may be an ideal solution to your problem. Choose a programmable thermostat that will automatically change to your desired temperature at the right time of day, or opt for a smart thermostat that will anticipate your adjustments over time.

There are even systems that will recognize when you’re at home by sensing the location of your smartphone. Not sure if you remembered to turn the system off before you left for vacation? Just check the app on your smartphone and adjust it accordingly — from anywhere.

Whether you choose to automate virtually everything in your home or just want to try one or two devices, smart home systems are a great opportunity to save time and focus on the things you really love.

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