A Guide to the Best Rug Materials

Area Rug Materials 101

Whether you need a rug with decadent shag pile for lounging barefoot in the living room, a durable outdoor rug for warm nights on the patio, or anything in between, there is a rug material that is perfect for the job. Choosing the best rug for you will depend on the rug’s placement and purpose. If you prioritize an easy-to-clean construction, consider the stain-resistant quality of wool or nylon. If you’re shopping on a budget for a long-lasting rug, look for durable synthetic fibers like polypropylene. Listed below are popular rug materials and details about how they feel, where the rugs work best in your home, and what type of care they will require, so you can weigh the qualities of each rug and choose the right one for your needs.

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