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How to Get Your Home Organized While You’re Self-Quarantined

How to Get Your Home Organized While You’re Self-Quarantined

If you find yourself stuck indoors more than usual in an effort to help stop the spread of coronavirus, it’s easy to start to feel boxed in and claustrophobic. Even more so when your home is disorganized and cluttered. Open up your space and increase your productivity at home by utilizing these simple storage and organization tips.


Take One Room at a Time

Even though the coronavirus might have you on edge, resist the urge to tear through your house, finding all the clutter and flaws in every room. Instead, start with one room and go from there. Decide which space to tackle first by determining how much time you spend in it.


If your living room is too disorganized to function efficiently, start there. Look for organization solutions that fit within your style and budget. Storage ottomans can double as foot rests and extra seating but offer compact storage for throw blankets. Or if your kitchen is so cluttered you end up burning your food because you can’t find a spatula, bring in drawer organizers. If you’ve stocked up on pantry essentials to get you through the next couple of weeks, consider pantry organizers to help you better visualize your food inventory so you don’t end up wasting anything.


If every room is equally in need of organization, consider starting with your favorite room so you have a place that you love to retreat while you’re working your way around the house. Look for multifunctional storage options that can add to the look and functionality of your space while concealing your stuff. Lift-top coffee tables, decorative baskets, and ladder bookshelves are low-profile storage options that make organizing your stuff easy and stylish. For specific room organization tips, read our guides for decluttering your Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Home Office, Craft Room, and Garage.


Sort Your Belongings into Keep, Store, and Toss

Consider the items taking up space in each room and think about the last time you used or enjoyed them, then decide which should be kept on hand, which should be tucked away, and which should go. Give yourself permission to throw away or donate items that no longer have a place in your home or bring you a sense of contentment and happiness. Less clutter means less places for germs to gather and more mental clarity. Win, win!


Use Storage Bins and Containers for Seasonal Items

Self-quarantine means you’re home a lot more than you were before, so it’s a great time to go through your home and decide which items you want to keep and which can be packed away until another season. Thick blankets that serve you well during the winter just become clutter when spring comes, so stack them in a linen closet or storage bench.


Once you’ve decided what items you’re keeping out year round, sort items marked for storage into seasons so you know where everything belongs. Then, neatly sort them into categories such as clothing, blankets, and decor, and place them into durable storage bins. Storage bins are an affordable and reusable option that are designed to protect your items from dust, age, and moisture. Check out our guide to Home Storage Solutions for more container ideas.


Use Shelves and Double-Duty Furniture

Organize the items you want to keep on hand by adding shelves and cabinets to empty walls. Not only do shelves and cupboards allow you to have items such as books, toys, mementos, and craft items easily within reach, they immediately lend themselves to organization.


Mulitfunctional furniture like storage ottomans, end tables, and coffee tables also provide clutter-free organization while adding to the comfort and style of your space. Item-specific storage, like desk organizers, makeup cases, or coat racks can also keep you accountable for putting things where they belong. If you don’t have the space or budget for multiple storage containers place summer items in storage when winter items are in use, and vice versa.


Maximize Your Closet Space

Don’t let limited space stop you from utilizing your closets to their fullest potential. A few simple adjustments can expand your storage options, while keeping your closet neat and functional. Tiered hangers and hanging shoe organizers allow you to take full advantage of vertical space, while extra shelves to the sides or above the hanging rod are ideal for storing boxes and seasonal clothing. Closet organizers are a great option for keeping clothes, shoes, and accessories tidy. But if you don’t have a built in closet, consider an armoire or wardrobe to stow your fashions.