5 Ways to Use a Toaster Oven

5 Ways to Use a Toaster Oven

Whether you want to bake a personal pizza or make garlic bread, a toaster oven can help you create meals in no time. However, your countertop toaster oven doesn't have to be limited to toast and frozen pizzas. This guide will provide you with tips on using your toaster oven for a variety of foods.

5 Toaster Oven Foods:

Bake Cookies

When you want to bake just a few cookies for a snack, there’s no need to heat up your conventional oven. Use a large toaster oven that can accommodate a cookie sheet, and try slice-and-bake refrigerated cookie dough to save even more time. You can also bake muffins or individual cakes in a countertop toaster oven. If you’re using a space-saver toaster oven to free up counters in your kitchen, you can still use the included tray to bake just a few treats for your family.

Cook Quick Snacks

Use your electric toaster oven to bake French fries, mozzarella sticks, fish sticks, nachos, potato skins and other appetizers. While a microwave can sometimes overheat frozen foods and make them soggy, you’ll get crispy edges and nice flavor when you use your stainless-steel toaster oven for these snacks. You can also use a small toaster oven to make mini pizzas, using English muffins, sauce, cheese, ham and pepperoni.

Make Glorified Toast

The best toaster oven allows you to make toast, one of the most basic snacks, even better. While an ordinary toaster can simply heat bread, requiring you to quickly butter and season it once it comes out, you can add butter and other toppings, including cinnamon and sugar, to the bread while it’s cooking in your black toaster oven. For a step up from toast, try making open-face cheese sandwiches in your electric toaster oven and add a bit of seasoned salt or garlic powder to taste.

Put Dinner Together

If you have a large toaster oven, you can easily cook casseroles and main dishes, especially when you don’t want to heat up the house during the summer. Try roasting chicken breasts and vegetables on the baking pan with a bit of lemon pepper for an easy dinner, and use your space-saver toaster oven to bake rolls for a quick side dish. The best toaster oven can cook pasta dishes and vegetables for meals, too.

Quickly Melt and Toast Foods

Rather than use the microwave, put your white toaster oven to work melting cheese on top of burritos or quesadillas or toasting marshmallow-topped yams. You can also use your stainless-steel toaster oven to warm plates for dinner and reheat leftovers; a small toaster oven can easily heat tortillas and pitas for meals, too. Whether you have a white toaster oven or black toaster oven, clean-up is easy and only requires washing the included pan and wiping down the racks.