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5 Ways to Add Coastal Style to Your Home

5 Ways to Add Coastal Style to Your Home

5 Ways to Add Coastal Style to Your Home
5 Ways to Add Coastal Style to Your Home

Bring your home a little closer to the ocean with Coastal Style. Pulling off a coastal look is as simple as incorporating a few beach-inspired elements into your decorating. Here are some easy coastal decor ideas that will give your home the feel of a seaside cottage.

1. Pick a Coastal Color Palette

Start your coastal decorating with a beachy color scheme. The perfect coastal color palette features light, earthy neutrals and various shades of blues and blue-greens. Using upholstered furniture, pillows, rugs, and other decorations, you can bring the colors of the sea and sand into any room in your home.

2. Combine Coastal Patterns

Coastal style is full of fun patterns that are hallmarks of nautical-themed decor. Blue and white stripes help employ a classic sailing look, and patterns of nautical motifs such as anchors and sea life give any room an unmistakable beach theme. Mix together patterns with throw pillows and blankets, or use a patterned area rug to highlight a specific design.

3. Bring in Natural Textures

The unique textures of driftwood from the seashore, woven wicker, and nautical rope will bring an authentic coastal touch to any room. Use baskets, ottomans, or rugs constructed from braided rope to give a tactile appeal to your space, and use driftwood furniture and accents to give your decor a natural feel.

4. Arrange Glass Accents

Glass accents are a staple of coastal style. Scatter blue glass bottles of various sizes throughout a room to reflect light and brighten the area. Glass floats suspended by rope help conjure the feel of an old marina, and collections of smooth sea glass can add vibrant color to any space.

5. Add Nautical Themed Decor

Wall art and decorations are possibly the easiest way to create a coastal theme in your home. Adorn your walls with decorative oars, anchors, and ship wheels for some nautical flair, or opt for coral and fish-related elements for something more nature inspired.

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