5 Rugs That Feel Good on Your Feet

patterns rug with a desk and wooden chair on top
Treat your feet to the plush softness of an area rug placed over hard floors. Choose from low or high piles and a variety of colors, fibers and sizes to find just the right one to accessorize your space.

patterns rug with a desk and wooden chair on top

There is lots to think about when looking for a comfortable area rug. Consider ease of maintenance and durability, taking care of your feet without hurting your pocket book. Select from rugs that are naturally stain-resistant to save on cleaning, or pick a rug with a low pile to hide footprints for a just-vacuumed look. Shock-absorbent rugs with added memory foam take care of your body as you work, while decorative faux fur rugs are ideal for relaxing in front of a fireplace. Rugs made from renewable materials are soft to the touch, making them the perfect choice for environmentally conscious modern homeowners.



1. Memory Foam Support

Sink your toes into the soft cores of memory foam rugs. These modern rugs adjust to the shape of your feet to cushion them as you walk, cradling each step for maximum comfort. Place one in front of the tub so you can step onto its luxurious plushness after a bath, or position one in front of the kitchen sink to ease the ache of long hours spent washing dishes.

2. Chenille

Use soft-to-the-touch chenille rugs to soothe bare feet. The tufted yarns have a casual look that suits shabby chic decor, making these rugs a good choice for feminine appeal. The warm, cozy pile features lofty clipped yarns in long, furry strips. These strips stand up well to heavy traffic, making chenille rugs perfect for long-term use.

3. Faux Fur

Enjoy the luxury and softness of fur without the expensive price tag when you purchase a faux fur rug. Fluff up the fur with a vacuum, and smooth your hands over its silky texture. These animal-friendly rugs are the perfect accent piece for a log cabin or rustic decor. Choose from a variety of fur types to achieve just the look you want.

4. Wool

Explore a wide variety of styles, patterns and textures when picking a wool rug to enhance your space. Wool has a soft, natural feel underfoot and ages to a graceful patina. The naturally fire-retardant fiber is the perfect choice for a child’s room, and the durable material stands up well to traffic. Clean up spills before they stain due to wool’s natural moisture-repellent qualities, and save money on cleaning bills over the lifetime of the rug. Styles range from classic Oriental rugs to more modern designs.

5. Synthetic Fiber

Mimic the look of more expensive rugs by choosing one made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fiber rugs are easy to clean and extremely durable. Use one in a playroom or basement space, where the fiber’s resilient construction adds extra softness to hard floors. Synthetic fibers made of recycled materials are environmentally friendly and spring back into shape even after heavy traffic.

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