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The 5 Softest Area Rugs for Creating Comfy Spaces

The 5 Softest Area Rugs for Creating Comfy Spaces

Every sugar-crashing kid and exhausted parent deserves a fluffy surface to collapse upon. Enter the cuddle-worthy area rug. If you’ve been wondering how to get a hold of one of the softest rugs ever, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you that it’s possible to treat your feet without draining your bank account. These are the five most comfortable rugs that are sure to add touchably soft luxury to your living space.

Soft Cotton Rugs: Natural Comfort

Cotton rugs are the stuff of daydreams. An ode to comfort, cotton rugs are soft to the core. They’re also super absorbent, perfect for stepping onto after a long relaxing bath. And since these naturally soft rugs are machine washable, they’re easy to clean and maintain.


With smooth, friendly cotton fibers gracing your floor, you won’t have to worry about your kids piling on top of each other in a playroom wrestling match. Position one of these pillowy soft rugs in front of the kitchen sink to ease the ache of long hours spent washing dishes. Your toes will sink right in, taking your mind off whatever chore you’re tackling.


Soft Chenille Rugs: High Style

Snuggle deep into the touchable softness of a chenille rug. There’s a level of class you can only achieve with this type of caterpillar-inspired fuzz, making chenille a go-to option for the cozy-obsessed. And yet, the tufted yarns of these have a casual look that suits shabby chic decor, making these insanely soft rugs a good choice for establishing a feminine appeal. The soft-to-the-touch material is like a hug for your bare feet. Look out for spontaneous floor naps.


Chenille’s warm, velvety pile features lofty clipped yarns in long, furry strips. These strips stand up well to heavy traffic, making soft rugs made of chenille perfect for long-term use. Over slippery tile or a hideous carpet, chenille works well anywhere.


Soft Faux Fur Rugs: Affordable Luxury

Throw out everything you’ve come to expect from a soothing rug. This uniquely soft rug material has a fluffiness that will totally floor you. When you purchase a faux hide or sheepskin rug, you can enjoy the comfy splendor of fur without the expensive price tag or moral hangups.


Soft faux fur is easy to maintain, too. Just fluff up the fur with a vacuum, and smooth your hands over its silky texture. Whether faux leather or sheepskin, one of these animal-friendly rugs would be the perfect accent piece for a log cabin. Not to mention an industrial loft or traditional farmhouse living room. Put an imaginative spin on your rustic decor with this sumptuously soft floor covering. You’ve just made your new favorite room, and you’ll never want to leave.


Soft Wool Rugs: Fleecy Foundation

From classic Oriental patterns to more modern designs, you’ll find a style you love in this soft rug material. Stain- and fire-repellent, wool is primed for the most lively rooms in your home. A cozy wool area rug can weather dining room spills and playroom antics better than most rug types, all while being one of the softest area rugs ever.


Not only does wool have a homey, natural feel underfoot, but it also ages to a graceful patina. Your kids will love the soft feel of the same wool rug from the time they play with dollhouses on the floor to the day they’re posing for prom pictures. This forever soft, forever fresh rug comes in bold, rich hues and soft neutrals, too. While wool rugs are generously padded, you’ll never go wrong taking advantage of the benefits of a rug pad, especially the extra cushioning.


Soft Synthetic Rugs: Family-Friendly Fibers

Imagine a rug as lush as a green meadow, so soft you feel like you could lie back and cloud-watch from your living room. Synthetic fibers like polyester, viscose, and polypropylene can mimic the look and feel of more expensive rugs. Resistant to bleaching, fading, and wear, these super-soft rugs are easy to clean and extremely durable. Plus, the fibers are anti-bacterial, making these comfy rugs a definite win for pet owners.


Synthetic fiber rugs spring back into shape even with heavy use, so you don’t have to regularly rake your rug into a high pile. Whether you’re trying to cozy up a deck or basement, the resilient construction of a synthetic rug will add extra softness to hard floors. Kids having a sleepover? All they’ll need is a pillow and it’ll be lights out. With every fiber perfectly placed, this is one of the most comfortably soft rugs for families.

Comfort might be your first priority when you’re looking for the softest rug, but the benefits don’t stop there. Learn more reasons why materials matter in our Guide to Common Rug Materials.