5 Reasons to Buy Proteak Cutting Boards

5 Reasons to Buy Proteak Cutting Boards

5 Reasons to Buy Proteak Cutting Boards
The best dishes are the ones made with freshly chopped ingredients, but dicing onions, potatoes, and herbs can be the most tedious part of making a vegetable stew or a chicken pot pie. Make prep work easier on yourself with a high-quality cutting board. Invest in one that will last and you won't have to worry about shopping for this vital piece of kitchen equipment again anytime soon. Proteak, the maker of fine teak decking, furniture, and building materials, now offers teak cutting boards. Are Proteak cutting boards right for your kitchen? Consider these five reasons to shop for them.
5 Reasons to Buy Proteak Cutting Boards

Proteak Cutting Board Facts:

Low Maintenance

Plastic cutting boards are fine for occasional use, but most professional chefs prefer wood for its pliable surface, natural anti-microbial properties, and longevity. Unfortunately, wood cutting boards also require regular oiling to prevent them from drying out. Proteak cutting boards are different because they are made from teak. Teak naturally contains oily resins that resist moisture, keeping the cutting board from drying out. The oil in teak is also what makes the wood perfect for decking and patio furniture.


Wood cutting boards generally last longer than plastic cutting boards. In addition, Proteak cutting boards are made from edge-grain wood. Edge-grain wood has a parallel construction, which minimizes buckling, bending, and twisting. In other words, you can cut into a Proteak cutting board, and when you remove the knife, you may not even be able to spot the mark, thanks to the way the wood fits together.

Professional Surface

When a professional chef dices and chops, he notices how the knife blade and the cutting board surface work together. The knife should lightly adhere to the board, but not enough to impede the chopping motion. This ensures a clean cut by offering the chef more control over the knife. A study conducted by Cooks Illustrated showed that Proteak cutting boards possess the ideal level of adhesion.


Style may not be your main priority when shopping for a cutting board, but think about how often it sits on your kitchen counter. You may find that you use your Proteak cutting board so often that you’ll never want to put it away. Fortunately, Proteak offers beautiful designs in their cutting boards. Choose from contemporary stripes, exotic swirls, and rich hues in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Sustainable Materials

Are you working toward the goal of an environmentally friendly home? Proteak cutting boards are made from teak that is sustainably harvested and certified as organic by the Forest Stewardship Council. Since Proteak cutting boards are also built to last, they are a very environmentally friendly kitchen essential.