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5 Reasons for Upgrading Your Toilet Seats

by Chandler Warnick

A striking skull-and-roses toilet seat

Though they don't get a lot of attention, toilet seats can make a big difference in both the comfort and look of your bathroom. Toilets are almost always white, but toilet seats today come in a wide range of different colors and styles and with an array of different features. If it's been a while since you upgraded your toilet seats, now might be a good time to look around and see how a new toilet seat could make your bathroom more comfortable and appealing. Keep reading for five different reasons for upgrading your toilet seats.

Toilet Seat Upgrades:

  1. You want to replace an old, dingy toilet seat. Let's face it: Toilet seats don't last forever, and your toilet seats will probably wear out long before you replace your actual toilets. If your toilet seat hinges are wearing down or your toilet seat has acquired some unsightly stains, it's problem time for a new one. Toilet seats are relatively inexpensive and simple to install, and you may be surprised at how much a new toilet seat improves the look and comfort of your bathroom.

  2. You want a soft-close toilet seat. If you have kids running around your home, you probably have to listen to the toilet seat slamming down several times a day. Even if you don't have kids, carefully lowering the toilet seat after each use so that it doesn't slam down can feel inconvenient. Soft-close toilet seats are designed to eliminate this hassle. A soft-close toilet seat automatically slows down before hitting the bowl of the toilet, so you can simply flip down the lid after you've finished without worrying about it making a loud noise.

  3. You want a toilet seat that matches your bath decor. You spend hours looking for just the right bath accessories and fixtures when you're redecorating your bathroom, so why not take a little time to find a toilet seat that matches the look you want for your bathroom? Nowadays, it's easy to find toilet seats that are much different than the typical white toilet seats you're probably used to seeing. A black toilet seat can be a great complement for a bathroom with a modern look. A wooden toilet seat, on the other hand, can look right at home in a bathroom with a rustic theme.

  4. You want a heated toilet seat. Bathrooms are sometimes the coldest rooms of the house, and sitting down on a cold toilet seat on a cold morning can be a drag. If you live in a place that gets chilly in the winter, a heated toilet seat can be a very pleasant addition to your bathroom. Heated toilet seats are compatible with most toilets and are fairly simple to install. If cold toilet seats bother you, a heated toilet seat may be one of the best purchases you make in a long time.

  5. You want a toilet seat with a bidet. While bidets have yet to catch on in a huge way in the United States, they are an indispensible bathroom fixture in other parts of the world. While your bathroom may or may not be equipped with a dedicated bidet bowl, you can enjoy the comfort and sanitation of a bidet by installing a bidet toilet seat. Bidet toilet seats have water spouts beneath the seats and small remote to turn the bidet on and off. While a bidet toilet seat is a little more complicated to install than a regular toilet seat, it's an affordable way to be able to enjoy a bidet in any bathroom in your house.

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