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5 Quick Tips on Accessorizing with Gold Chains

by Maegan Crandall

An elegant model wearing gold chains and blue gemstone earrings

Sparkly gold chains are available in new styles and new lengths. Until now, you've been accessorizing with silver jewelry and beaded necklaces, so how do you work gold jewelry into the routine? Gold is surprisingly versatile in updated designs. Use these easy tips to start wearing gold necklaces with all of your favorite outfits.

Wearing Gold Chains:

  1. Add shine to black: Fine gold chains look fabulous against a neutral backdrop. If you have a treasured collection of black trousers, black silk tops and black blazers, then add some glamour to your daily uniform with gold chains. Long gold chains balance well with wide-leg trousers and sweeping wrap dresses. Short gold chains look lovely with tailored shorts and tank tops.

  2. Mix and match: Modern jewelry breaks all of the rules. You don't have to pair yellow gold necklaces with yellow gold earrings. In fact, you can wear several gold necklaces in different shades. Try layering yellow gold, white gold and rose gold chains for eye-catching texture. Gold chains are very chic when worn in varying lengths. Try two short rose gold chains with one long yellow gold necklace to keep things interesting.

  3. Gold all the way: Trendsetters are fully embracing gold by wearing it head-to-toe. You'll be a gilded goddess when you wear gold chains with a red and gold sundress, a pair of gold sandals and a metallic headband. Top off the look with bronzer and gold eye shadow. Take a gold outfit to the beach or sport it on campus this fall.

  4. Wrap it up: Add instant versatility to your jewelry collection by wrapping gold chains around your wrist. Layer gold necklaces and wind them up and down your forearm to create an amazing new look. A slightly overdone look is fabulously trendy at the moment. Wrap a few gold chains around your wrist and pair them with gold necklaces to steal this style for yourself.

  5. Break out the leather: Surprise everyone by wearing gold chains with leather apparel and accessories. Gold looks great with leather in all colors and styles. Top leather leggings with white and yellow gold necklaces or wear gold chains with braided leather bracelets. Gold jewelry looks amazing with a leather headband.

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