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5 Places to Use Storage Bins

by Chandler Warnick

An attractive bench with storage basket bins

You don't have too much stuff; it just needs a little organizing, and that's where storage bins come in. Storage bins help protect belongings from wear and tear and keep your clothes, shoes, magazine, tools -- anything -- organized and easy to find. Also, storage bins and other storage containers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so you can find a storage solution for any item you own and any room in your house. If you're still not sure how storage containers can make your life easier, keep reading. We've compiled a list of five places where storage bins can make your life easier.

Places to Use Storage Bins:

  1. Use storage bins in your toy room. Would you like your children to only pull out the toys they're going to use and put those toys away in a precise location before they pull out other toys? Well, that's never going to happen. However, putting a few plastic storage bins in your toy room can make toy storage a quick and easy process that is simple enough for your children to handle. Also, using a few different storage containers in distinct different colors for your toy storage can be a simple way to create some organization in the toy room. For example, use a blue storage bin for action figures, a red container for puzzles and games and a green one for stuffed animals.

  2. Use storage bins next to your couch. When you think about storage bins and storage containers, you may think of matte plastic storage boxes suitable for closets, toy rooms and sheds -- not for living rooms. However, storage containers actually come in a wide variety of materials. You can find storage boxes made of black metal rods that are then covered with fabric and storage containers made from finished wood slats, either of which could make a nice addition in a highly visible living space. If you want an attractive storage solution for your magazines, place a storage box made of oak at the end of your sofa. If you want a way to keep all your winter hats and gloves together and easily accessible, set a storage box draped in canvas in your entryway.

  3. Use storage bins in your storage unit. A rented storage unit is a great place to keep items that you want to hold onto, but which you don't want cluttering your home. However, storage units are exposed to moisture and sometimes even leaks, which can damage items stored in cardboard boxes. Using plastic storage bins in your storage container is a good way to keep items well-organized and protected from dust and water.

  4. Use storage bins in your closets. Storage bins offer an ideal way to organize closets, be they hall closets or bedroom closets. Storage containers come in all different sizes and shapes, so you can use them to completely transform your closet storage. You can find small plastic boxes that will fit shoes if you want to keep your shoes in good shape and long, flat plastic storage containers for dresses and suits. Setting a large plastic storage bin in the bottom of a closet near the entry way can be a good place for your kids to toss their shoes or backpacks when they come home from school.

  5. Use storage bins in your garage. Garage storage is tricky. Like storage units, garages have plenty of room, making them ideal for storage, but garages are also subject to heat and cold and moisture. However, you can make the most of your garage storage space with storage bins. Storage bins will help you transform tangles of holiday ornaments, camping gear and tools into neatly contained and labeled units. Also, storing items in plastic storage bins will help protect them from moisture and critters.

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