5 Essential Mid-Century Modern Decor Pieces

5 Essential Mid-Century Modern Decor Pieces
More than 50 years since it arrived, Mid-Century Modern decor has made a major comeback. Originally popularized between roughly 1933 and 1965, Mid-Century Modern design combines sleek lines, geometric shapes, organic materials, and open floor plans. If you're inspired by architectural details and striking silhouettes, this may be the style for you. The great news is that blending this retro style with today's modern pieces is simpler than you might think.

5 Essential Mid-Century Modern Decor Pieces

From sleek silhouettes and bursts of light to geometric patterns and pops of color, Mid-Century Modern decor is anything but simple. However, bringing this trendy look into your home could be as easy as incorporating a few carefully chosen essentials. Bring some retro glamour into your home with these five decor essentials.


Top 5 Must-Have Retro Decor Essentials

1. Low Profile Sofa

Mid-Century Modern style features striking statement pieces. Furniture with sleek silhouettes and tapered legs are characteristic of the era, so consider a low profile sofa to pull this look off in your home. When it comes to colors, Mid-Century sofas, couches, and loveseats favor neutral shades — look for pieces in granite, oatmeal, or cream tones for the most versatility.

Adorn your new sofa or couch with daring colors using throw pillows or throw blankets in retro geometric patterns. Adding one or two sculptural wooden or metal accent chairs to your living room will also set off your neutral furniture pieces with finesse.

2. Sunburst Mirror

Mid-Century Modern decor is all about clean and open spaces. If your room is a bit on the smaller side, a sunburst mirror is a striking way to give the illusion of space. Even for larger rooms, adding a geometric Mid-Century mirror to your mantle — or another empty area — will add eye-catching retro flair.

Remember, a simplified and open room is the perfect canvas for your carefully selected accent pieces. Clear out clutter and knickknacks to make your room appear larger. You can also increase the visible size of the room by arranging your furniture away from the walls to make the room feel more expansive.

3. Sputnik Chandelier

The 1957 launch of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite started the space race, and inspired one of the most iconic pieces of Mid-Century Modern decor. A sputnik chandelier will bring a retro burst of light to your space, so consider adding one to a high-traffic area of your home.

Lighting fixtures with slim, clean lines are a staple of this decor style. Opt for brushed-metal lamp bodies for the most on-trend appearance. From chandeliers to floor lamps, this sleek style blends effortlessly into any room. If you need a little more light, try a trendy tripod floor lamp to add a Mid-Century Modern feel that will maximize the “wow” factor in your room.

4. Geometric-Patterned Rug

Abstract geometric patterns are a Mid-Century Modern staple and are making a big comeback. Bring this trendy decor style into your home with a geometric rug that plays well with today’s industrial furniture designs.

There are a variety of rug shapes, patterns, and colors available — which will give you the perfect opportunity to make the style your own. Bright splashes of color will make any room pop, so consider a rug with mustard yellow, avocado green, or turquoise shades. These retro patterns and hues will give your room a face-lift, especially when you choose curtains, throw blankets, and throw pillows in complementary colors and designs.

5. Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art can top off your design with the perfect touch of Mid-Century style. Choose a painting or hanging sculpture that incorporates the geometric shapes featured in your room’s fabrics or furniture to create a sense of cohesion.

Make your new art pop by hanging it on a boldly colored wall. If you want to avoid repainting the entire room, think about leaving three walls a neutral color and painting the remaining wall a bright color, such as pistachio or sunflower. Pulling together the colors, patterns, and art of the era will create a soothing and stylish space.

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