5 Easy Ways to Reuse Flat Sheets

5 Easy Ways to Reuse Flat Sheets

5 Easy Ways to Reuse Flat Sheets
Buying new sheets can instantly freshen up your bedroom decor if it's starting to feel stale. After you've updated your sheets, however, you may want to think twice before throwing the old sheets away. There are many ways to use your old sheets, even if they're worn out or need mending. No matter what size bed your sheets were made for, there's an easy way to recycle them that will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money at the same time. Keep reading to discover five easy ways to reuse flat sheets.
5 Easy Ways to Reuse Flat Sheets

Reusing Flat Sheets:


Recycle as Rags

If your sheets are particularly worn out or have holes, cut them up and use them for washcloths. Cutting old sheets into small, medium and large squares will ensure you have a rag ready for whatever job is at hand. Use bed sheet rags to clean mirrors or wipe up spills in the kitchen. By reducing your paper towel use, you can save money and create less waste daily.


Use as a Drop Cloth

Next time you begin a painting project, replace harmful plastic tarps with old flat sheets. Keep a stack of old flat sheets in the garage and pull them out for painting projects both large and small. Bed sheet drop cloths can be used over and over, plus they’re easier to fold up and store than bulky plastic versions. If you’re worried about paint seeping through, sew two bed sheets together on all four edges to make a thicker tarp.


Make a Quilt

Another great way to use worn flat bed sheets is to create a quilt. Cut out squares around the edges, where there tends to be less wear, and piece them together to make a simple patchwork quilt. A quilt made from vintage sheets has an old-fashioned appeal that will liven up any room, while a quilt made from contemporary solid sheets will look cozy and sophisticated.


bRepurpose into a Shower Curtain

If your flat sheet is still in good condition, try using it as a fabric shower curtain. Simply use curtain hooks with clips to hang the sheet from a shower curtain and add a waterproof clear vinyl liner for a bathroom makeover that costs next to nothing.


Create Your Own Artwork

If you love the pattern on your sheets and the way it fits into your existing home decor, try turning your old bedding into a new work of canvas art. To repurpose your flat sheet into art, center it over a blank canvas or canvas frame and staple it to the back. Hang the decorated panel in a group of two or four for more visual impact and you’ll have an easy art installation that can be changed as often as you want.