10 Best Men’s Watches

10 Best Men’s Watches

A quality timepiece is a great gift for any guy. A watch is a functional accessory that will also give his style a boost. Whether he prefers a luxurious gold watch or a fitness tracker for his workouts, here are the ten best men's watches to give as gifts.

1. Luxury Watch

From superior movements to stylish constructions, quality is key with luxury watches. These timepieces will show off his high-class style whether he’s in the boardroom or at the bar. A gold or silver watch is a statement-making accessory in any setting, while a subtle metallic case with a leather strap displays an understated sophistication. A new luxury watch is sure to become a staple of his style for every occasion.

2. Casual Watch

More affordable than luxury watches, casual or fashion watches come in a huge variety of styles, materials, and features. From classy metallic watches to colorful digital options, there are casual watches to fit every occasion. Because casual watches are easier on the wallet, consider getting two or three options to complement his taste.

3. Sport Watch

When he needs a watch to stand up to everything life throws at him, a sport watch is the perfect choice. Designed with heavy-duty cases and bands, his sport watches can be worn during outdoor activities, sports, swimming, and many other activities. In addition to their durability, sports watches come in a spectrum of colors and styles to match any look.

4. Smart Watch

For the guy who loves gadgets, a smart watch is a cool timepiece with tons of functionality. A smart watch lets him receive and respond to notifications from his smart phone without ever taking it out of his pocket. Most smart watches can be customized with replaceable bands to match any style. From tracking fitness to checking emails, a smart watch is the perfect watch to gift any time of year.

5. Fitness Watch

Tracking his health goals will never be easier than with his new fitness watch. Activity-tracking watches are fashionable accessories that track heart rate, steps, distance, and more. Many men’s fitness trackers feature sleek rubber bands and simple digital screens to display the time and information. If he’s a fitness fanatic and likes a simple watch style, a fitness tracker is the perfect watch for him.

6. Dress Watch

A dress watch is an elegant yet understated timepiece to keep your giftee prompt at fancy dinners, interviews, or big meetings with clients. Flexible but formal, a dress watch is typically thin and made of leather, making it the perfect accessory for the stylish professional. While it’s not meant to be the focus of your man’s business attire, the traditional, minimal look is sure to leave a lasting impression on colleagues.

7. Automatic Watch

An automatic watch is ideal for a giftee who’s always on the go. This type of everyday watch is powered by body movement, so it stays active as long as the wearer does. It can also be wound at the beginning of the week to keep it running, so it suits any type of wearer. Because it lasts longer than the average watch, it tends to be more expensive, but its energy dependency makes it less accurate than other models. Learn more in our Guide to Automatic Watches.

8. Vintage Watch

Craftsmanship always adds an element of classic cool to your man’s wardrobe. When you know the giftee prizes a heavier, antique aesthetic over digital features, look for a historical timepiece between 50 to 100 years old. Whether the gorgeous dial is accented by flashy metallic tones or lined with crystals, your giftee will appreciate the rich collector’s-item feel.

9. Skeleton Watch

A skeleton watch is exactly what it sounds like: a watch that allows clear visibility into its internal mechanisms. It shows off all the meticulous spokes and gears, proving the level of workmanship that went into its design. For a man that likes to flaunt handsome, unique accessories, this striking, high-end timepiece is the perfect gift.

10. Pocket Watch

Nothing says true quality like the polish of a silver-dollar pocket watch. Reliable yet intricate, a dapper pocket watch has the old-world aura of an heirloom. An engraving adds to the antique effect, and this personalized detail also makes a pocket watch an exceptional gift.

For more information to help you choose the perfect men’s watch to give as a gift, have all of your purchase questions answered in our Guide to Men’s Watches.