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Top 7 Trending Rug Patterns

Top 7 Trending Rug Patterns

We all know how important rugs are to a space — they not only ground your decor and center your furniture but they also add comfort underfoot. Because quality rugs can be a bit of an investment, it's important to choose your rug's design carefully. From bold statement-making rugs to subtle accents that bring a room together, we’ve broken down our favorite versatile area rug patterns.

Oriental Patterned Rugs

rustic living room styled with an oriental rug

Pattern Characteristics:

Authentic Oriental rugs are a true thing of beauty, known for their extraordinary hand-knotted constructions and tremendous durability. Meanwhile, machine-tufted rugs with designs inspired by Oriental styles are a budget-friendly option. The individual design elements found in Oriental patterned rugs may vary greatly, as carpets from many cultures fall into this pattern category. Some common motifs include a decorative field made up of repeating florals or animals, geometric shapes, tribal symbols, and central medallions. Oriental rugs also feature intricately designed border areas.


How to Style an Oriental Patterned Rug:

Oriental rugs are timeless and versatile, and they blend well with nearly any interior design aesthetic. However, traditional, transitional, Americana, and New England styles tend to decorate with Oriental rugs most often. If you have eclectic tastes, a faded vintage-look or jewel-tone Oriental rug layered over a flatwoven jute mat can meld together for a worldly, traveled touch.


Stripe Patterned Rugs

a coastal-style bedroom with a stripe patterned rug beside the bed

Pattern Characteristics:

Whether light and neutral or saturated with color, a striped rug is an energetic option that wakes up your decor and adds a punchy look to a room. When decorating with boldly patterned rugs, it’s important to maintain a consistent color scheme. High-contrast pairings, such as complementary colors or black and white, will draw the eye and make a statement. Alternatively, striped rugs with less contrast can effortlessly blend with your room’s other colors and textures. From thick, bold cabana stripes to streamlined pinstripes, this graphic pattern is a style that’s here to stay.


How to Style a Stripe Patterned Rug:

Striped rugs can help change the visual perception of a space depending on the orientation of the pattern. Vertical stripes that run the length of a rug create visual emphasis that elongates and defines an area. Use this trick in small spaces to create the illusion of extra space. On the other hand, horizontal stripes that run widthwise across a rug add visual breadth to narrow spaces like entryways and hallways.


Trellis Patterned Rugs

a modern home office featuring a pale blue and white trellis patterned rug

Pattern Characteristics:

Inspired by the arches and domes of the Moroccan skyline, trellis is a geometric pattern that features a matrix of fluted or crisscrossed lines. This contemporary pattern is a popular option for home decor, wall treatments, and area rugs alike. While they may sound ornate, trellis patterned rugs range from flashy and detailed to subtle and classic.

How to Style a Trellis Patterned Rug:

Most frequently found in large-scale patterns, trellis rugs have a contemporary look that works with many home decor designs. These rugs often feature two to three colors, which allows you to complement multiple colors that are already present in your space. You can also find single-color trellis rugs, with the trellis design developed through raised loops in the rug’s texture. This type of neutral patterned rug can add soft sophistication to a bedroom or anywhere you want to infuse a sense of calm.


Abstract Patterned Rugs

a mid-century modern styled dining room featuring a gray and white abstract shag rug

Pattern Characteristics:

Abstract patterned rugs are unique and expressive in their non-repetitive designs. Much like the art form, abstract rugs utilize shape, form, color, and line to create compositions independent from visual reality. Plus, they’re more than just a decorative accent in the home — they’re functional pieces of art that turn your floor into a gallery space. Varied in color, style, mood, and design, abstract patterns are versatile enough to fit in any home.


How to Style an Abstract Patterned Rug:

If the rug is the focal point in your room, go for strong, structured shapes or a bold color palette that contrasts the rest of your decor. For a more subdued touch, look for softly fluid designs — think marble patterns or subtle shapes with fuzzy edges. While a less striking rug may not stand out, it’s still a stylish way to protect your floors and muffle echoes in your home.


Geometric Patterned Rugs

light-toned living room styled with a rainbow boho geometric rug

Pattern Characteristics:

The key characteristic of a geometric patterned rug is a repeated shape, line, or form. Beyond that, geometric patterns come in an infinite variety, depending on the complexity, scale, and number of shapes involved. When it comes to geometric rugs, symmetrical chevrons, checks, and diamonds are some common patterns found in many Moroccan, modern, and Southwestern rugs. Asymmetrical geometric designs with irregular shapes or spacing are the norm for many eclectic rugs, adding some whimsy to this otherwise structured rug pattern.


How to Style a Geometric Patterned Rug:

When deciding on geometric shapes, consider the difference between sharp angles and curves. Circles, ovals, and other curvy shapes add a friendly ambience to a room. These geometric rugs can also balance a space that features stark or hard furniture. Choose bright polka dots or organic pastel shapes to add an exuberant touch to a communal space or kid’s bedroom. As the shape and line of a geometric pattern grow more angular and consistent, the rug pattern will grow more sophisticated and structured, too, especially when featuring contrasting colors. A black-and-white patterned rug with a large-scale print, for example, adds a striking touch to a sitting room or study.


Floral Patterned Rugs

a contemporary living room styled with a blue sofa and colorful floral rug

Pattern Characteristics:

Just like the name implies, floral rugs feature plants that add luxuriant texture and color to any room. From roses in bloom to  colorful palm fronds, floral patterned rugs bring the splendor of the natural world into your home. These luxuriant plant and botanical patterns are a dreamy match for interior decorators who curate rich, lively spaces. Whether you’re looking to add shabby chic whimsy to a pink nursery or lush, saturated colors to your living room, there’s a floral rug on the market for the job.


How to Style a Floral Patterned Rug:

When rolling out a floral patterned rug in your space, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm the room with too many patterns or colors. Neutral-toned furniture and a large distance between walls and rug provide some negative space to balance out your bold floral floor piece. For the rest of the room’s decor, stick to a narrow color palette. Pull one favorite accent color from your floral patterned rug for throw pillows and other accent pieces. Then let fresh neutrals do the rest.


Vintage-Style Patterned Rugs

a transitional style living room with a white couch and distressed vintage area rug

Pattern Characteristics:

Vintage and vintage-inspired rugs are not only beautiful style elements. They also offer storied pasts and antique appeal that add an eclectic flair to your decor. Vintage patterned rugs typically feature Persian and Oriental patterns like medallions and intricate borders. Slight to significant distressing gives them a worn, lived-in look. Contemporary replicas of vintage rugs are available in a wide range of color options and levels of distressing, making them a versatile decorating option for any home.


How to Style a Vintage Patterned Rug:

Whether you love the old-world charm of an English cottage or the sleek, cool style of a modern loft, a vintage rug may complement any decor scheme. Aside from traditional and eclectic-style spaces, you can use a gently distressed vintage rug in light pastel shades as the anchor in a Shabby Chic room. In neutral shades of grey, these patterned rugs can easily soften an urban industrial seating area.

Once you’ve honed in on a favorite rug pattern, you may be wondering what rug material or size works best for your space. Check out our rug materials and rug size and placement guides for tips. Then browse Overstock.com’s huge selection of rugs to find your favorite. When you’re ready to seal the deal, your new patterned rug ships right to your door for free.*

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