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3 Ways to Wear Long Necklaces

by Maegan Crandall

A cool girl wearing white jeans, a white top and a long strand of pearls

Long necklaces are at the top of this season's list of jewelry trends. Models on runways are wearing them with trouser jeans, swimsuits, maxi dresses and vintage high-waist skirts. These fun necklaces add a lot of texture to your look and can even be worn with T-shirts. If you are new to this particular jewelry trend, then you may feel a bit weighed down when you first try longer chains and pearl ropes. A few simple tips can help you wear long necklaces with plenty of style and panache.

Long Necklaces Three Ways:

  1. Combine with short necklaces: You have a collection of short necklaces, so why let them go to waste while you try a few new longer pieces? Layering long necklaces with short necklaces gives your outfit depth while allowing you to comfortably sport all of your favorite link chains and beaded strands. Try mixing and matching textures when layering necklaces of different lengths. A short leather cord necklace looks nice with a longer gold chain. A pearl choker mixes well with a long, delicate beaded gold necklace. Keep the look understated by pairing thick, chunky beaded necklaces with slender chains and cords.

  2. Wear them in doubles and triples: Extra-long necklaces can be doubled or tripled for additional style. This necklace trend is bold and flashy, so try it when dressing up for a night out or when you want to add extra fashion to a boring ensemble. Double up on pearl necklaces and bulky link chains when you're wearing jeans, T-shirts and sneakers for a cool, casual vibe.

  3. Add oversized pendants: Are you having trouble adjusting to free-flowing, oversized chains and strands? Anchor long necklaces with unique pendants. Oversized pendants sometimes look out of place on short necklaces, but they are right at home on longer pieces. Vintage brooches make fabulous additions to long strands of pearls and groups of chains. Look for modern pendants featuring large gemstones or novelty shapes.

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