3 Tips for Easy Garage Organization

If your garage has accumulated more things than you think you have space for, there are still ways to keep it tidy and organized. Here are three simple garage storage ideas you can use to manage the clutter and create some extra space.

By Nick Anderson - OCTOBER 17, 2016

1Utilize Your Ceiling Space

Installing an overhead storage rack is a great way to get items off the floor and out of the way. These metal racks provide the ideal spot for items you don’t use often, like boxes of seasonal decorations or camping equipment. You can also use ceiling hooks to hang bikes or other odd-shaped equipment when not in use.

2Hang Things on the Walls

Wall hooks are perfect for hanging larger items like ladders, lawn and garden tools, and sports and recreational equipment. Using panels of slatwall or pegboard allows convenient installation of hooks and shelves that can easily be rearranged to accommodate changing needs.

3Use Shelves & Cabinets

Wire shelving units are a lightweight and sturdy storage option for the smaller items in your garage. Store items in wall or floor cabinets for a tidy look and to lock up chemicals, car fluids, and cans of paint away from young children. Pick garage shelving and cabinets with rolling casters for increased versatility.

Nick Anderson

by Nick Anderson

Large Appliance Specialist

While he was growing up, Nick spent many hours in his father’s garage and quickly learned the importance of keeping it tidy. He likes for every item to have its own spot so nothing is ever misplaced. Nick believes a clean home is a happy home and tries to live a clutter-free lifestyle.