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3 Mid-Century Modern Must-Haves

3 Mid-Century Modern Must-Haves

Mid-Century Modern is the darling of interior design. We love it because it’s smart and space-conscious with the flexibility to be either loud and proud or chill and neutral. While you don't have to fill every nook and cranny of your home with this space-age style, we have three key pieces on our Mid-Century must-have list. These timeless pieces truly work to add a funky or modern twist to any design theme.

1. Accent Chair

If you’re undergoing a living room upgrade, always opt for a new or reupholstered accent chair over a new couch. Accent chairs are generally more affordable, and Mid-century accent chairs are a well-designed fit in any living room. Their slim profile adds an unexpected style pop and works well in small spaces.

2. Statement Lighting

Great lighting truly makes all the difference. Investing in a Sputnik chandelier or a tripod floor lamp adds unexpected flair and focus while making your space brighter. If you have a gallery wall or a favorite piece of art, statement lighting can really amp up the visual interest of your decor.

3. Bar Cart

Practical yet glamorous, a bar cart can transform your living room from a place where to just lounge around in to a place where you can entertain. A well-stocked bar cart is a great amenity for guests and gives you super host status. Plus, it’s easy to relocate when you get the urge to rearrange.