Top 10 Home Decor Trends of 2020

Top 10 Home Decor Trends of 2020

2020 Home Decor Trends

With a general trend towards well-being, comfort, and sustainability, refreshing your space this year promises to be a life-giving passion project. The home decor trends of 2020 are here to help you create a tranquil escape where you can draw strength from your surroundings. Read how 2020’s focus on natural colors and textures will help to make your home a place of refuge and peace.


Deep Navy

Like a slab cut from a rich, moody seascape, this coastal blue shade is sure to make its way into your 2020 color deck. The cavernous vibe of this sleepy, oceanic hue invites endless possibilities for creating depth in a space. It’s no wonder Sherwin Williams elected Naval blue as their color of the year, followed by Pantone’s classic blue.


Style Tip: This shadowy shade pairs perfectly with whitewashed accents for a classic beach house. Navy also makes a sophisticated backdrop to industrial style, playing up the masculinity of Cognac leather finishes and stylish hunks of hardware.


Vegetal Green

Layered with watery soft pinks or sky blues, this lush, verdant green boasts the revitalizing energy of the outdoors. Rich and tropical, this hue is here to help you feel human again. It’s soothing, satisfying, and all-around stress-reducing.


Style Tip: Throws, ottomans, and cushions can be quick ways to lavish your decor with jungle shades. On the other side of authenticity? WGSN named Neo Mint as their color of the year, predicting a trend towards super-futuristic neons. This techy green color captures the scientific side of 2020. If you prefer tranquil pastels, a chalky green can substitute your palette to paint more of a farmhouse daydream.


Rebel Yellow

Last year, Pinterest named Rebel Yellow as one of its top decor trends. Tinged with hope, this sing-songy color is carrying over once again. This friendly shade is all about more perk, less polish. If you’re looking to warm up your washed-out woods and antiqued accents from the last decade of farmhouse craze — this mustardy yellow is the answer.


Style Tip: With 2020’s trend toward luxe, heavy hues, there has to be a spot of sunshine. Yellow is the perfect cheerful accent to round out 2020’s nature-inspired scheme. Sprinkle in this color with pillows, throws, and artwork for joyful touches of radiance.


Natural Motifs

As discussions move toward happier, healthier homes, this trend is rooted in the positive impact of plant life on your psyche. Color forecasts suggest biophilic design will continue to flourish in the new year. You can expect lots of greenery to grace 2020 designs, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Style Tip: Hang a gallery wall of botanical prints to bring your design to life. You can also make use of palm leaf designs in textiles, from floral comforters, curtains, and rugs to rainforest-inspired wallpaper.


Humble Materials

2020 is looking like a Scandinavian spa. There’s a meditative quality being channeled through trendy tactile materials such as rattan, plywood, and terra cotta. The goal? Restore humanity in the home with the intimacy of organic materials.


Style Tip: This trend might take the form of a vegetable fiber rug made from jute, sisal, or hemp. “Caned” Vienna straw is also making a strong appearance, seen in stool seats, cabinet doors, and lampshades. Smaller details like earthenware bowls or macramé poufs and hammocks can be scattered to make the most of the natural trend in your home. For big, bold touches of authenticity, work in linens, tweeds, and Sherpa wools through furniture upholstery.


Patterned Textiles

2020 is ditching subtlety, and in its place we’re loving intrigue and exploration. It’s all coming through adventurous pattern play. While bold, geometric wallpaper is still big, there’s a new focus on abstractly colored textiles, such as pillows, upholstery, and wall art. We’re seeing vibrant pattern mixing, from animal prints paired with florals, to busy patchworks layered in with classic stripes.


Style Tip: Combining cultures through color and pattern is another burgeoning decor movement. Switching up the scale will be key to this design so that graphic prints don’t feel too gaudy. Simply mix big and small patterns together. You can look to Parisian influences for eclectic, vintage vibes, which will complement the upcoming curves trend.


Curved Pieces

Chic, bold, feminine pieces are being used to reimagine the art deco movement. As retro design makes its comeback, last year’s curved furniture trend is going to roll over into 2020. This year, the trend is showing up more in wavy accents, like channel tufting, rather than entire curved pieces. From sloped, sumptuous-looking circle sofas to deeper-seated dining chairs, there’s a wider trend of gently-edged upholstery that’s making this look more accessible for everyday use.


Style Tip: Looking for small ways to rock this trend? Consider vases, end tables, mirrors, and abstract artwork with rounded shapes. Irregular shaped decor such as bubble light fixtures will provide just enough contrast to soften your style.


Black Metallic Accents

If you’re craving a big, edgy impact, try bringing in black steel accents. This 2020 home decor trend proves that sturdy and streamlined can be uniquely elegant. Look for sleek, tubular bases in furniture and lighting. With a slim frame and a matte finish, a raw black geometric element can modernize a softer space.


Style Tip: Ready to ground your design with this linear look? Hang a sculptural pendant over the dining table or flank your bed with a pair of angular wall sconces. Black metallic lighting works best when it adds a stark contrast to cozy, minimal designs.


Colored Glass

Looking for a fresh way to get some clarity? Consider decorative glass objects in non-opaque colors. This trend takes on the glossy purity of glass items, and the traditionally harsh color blocking of decorative accessories. In its place, it adds an unexpected dose of whimsy and personality.


Style Tip: Look to vases and mirrored surfaces for easy ways to incorporate this punchy 2020 decor trend. As light filters through the glass, the colored glow and pretty shadows will introduce softer colors into your space.


Multifunctional Furniture

With a trend towards smaller homes and more functional spaces, there’s a buzz around pieces that can pull more weight. Think sleeper sectionals, storage beds, lift-top coffee tables, or desks with tiered shelves. The trick is finding multifunctional furniture that fits your space, but still adds a touch of visual interest. Choose shapes, colors, and textures that feel like a natural fit for your space, while amping up the utility with multifunctional uses.


Style Tip: Dual purpose furniture is also perfect for interiors decorated with mindful intention. These hardworking pieces contribute to sustainable and thoughtful living, so their form, function, and feeling all work towards creating a nurturing haven. What better way to represent 2020 home decor trends?