18 Simple Spring Swaps for Your Home

Spring is the perfect time to update and refresh your home. Although it may seem daunting at first, this transformation doesn’t have to be a challenging ordeal. Simple swaps in your furnishing and decor will take your home from winter drab to springtime fab without breaking the bank. Welcome the fresh air of spring inside and outside your home with these 18 stylish spring swap outs.
18 Easy Springtime Swaps for Your Home

Spring Swap Out


Throw Pillows

Pink throw pillow on accent chair

Few things are as easy to switch out as your throw pillows, and nothing will make as much of a difference in your space. Heavy fabrics, dark colors, and deep textures can cozy up a room in winter, but bright tones and light fabrics are excellent for welcoming the spring season. Airy pastels and crisp linens add fresh personality to sofas, armchairs, and lounges, welcoming springtime breezes and sunny afternoons in unparalleled style.



Floral artwork on wall

While you may not want to replace all the artwork you’ve displayed throughout your home, a few strategically swapped pieces can do wonders to ready your space for spring. Replace stark wall art with colorful imagery that captures the vivid vibrancy of springtime plant and animal life. Light wooden sculptures and other natural accents also add tons of playful texture to your space.


Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers on table

Nothing says springtime like the return of fresh floral scents in your home. Fill empty vases with bright, aromatic bouquets that introduce uplifting aromas and energizing colors that help bring the outdoors in. Accents like candles and essential-oil reed diffusers are another simple way to add floral fragrances to a room, and they may be better for people with allergies than flowers or potpourri.



Yellow curtains on window

While heavy drapes and hearty window treatments added insulation to your home throughout the winter, spring is the perfect time to swap them out for light, gauzy curtains that can play idly in the breeze. Sheer drapes add a light and airy feel to your space while linen or silk curtains maintain a healthy heft without feeling too heavy or overwhelming your windows. Look for pieces that allow light to filter in and brighten your room.


Bedspreads and Comforters

Linen bedspread on bed

When it comes to readying your bedroom for springtime temperatures, remember that you won’t need the same warm bedding that you did during the winter months. Switch out heavy down comforters for lighter, all-season options, or sleep under a cozy blanket or two instead. Replace dark winter bedspreads and duvet covers with eye-catching alternatives that are light in both color and weight.



Stack of organic cotton sheets

Much like your comforter, if your winter sheets are made from warm materials like flannel or microfiber, it may be a good idea to swap them out for cooler alternatives. Cotton sheets are plush and breathable, growing softer as they age. Satin sheets are incredibly smooth and feature a sheen that lets them cool down more quickly than other materials. Your preference is the most important consideration when picking sheets, but springtime is a great opportunity to try out some new materials.



Spring wreath above fireplace

While wreathes are most commonly associated with the winter holidays, it’s easy to swap out your festive circle of holly and pine for a bright and cheerful springtime display. Woven florals add warmth and color, and spring greenery adds vibrant and energizing flair. There are hundreds of unique springtime wreath styles to choose from with an impressive variety of flowers and greenery.


Dish Towels

Stack of stripped dish towels

Whether you use winter-themed dish towels or not, it’s easy to add a touch of springtime whimsy to your kitchen by swapping them for something more colorful. Towels made from lightweight cotton are a functional and charming complement to any spring kitchen, and you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference floral embroidery and a pastel palette can make in your space.


Door Mats

Door mats on deck

Whether indoor or out, door mats are an important part of any home decor scheme. Switch out your snow-worn winter mat for the fresh character of a mat with springtime imagery. Your previous door mat may have had to deal with frigid temperatures and heavy boot traffic, but your springtime door mat will need to withstand the added warmth and moisture of April showers. You can choose a floral flatweave that’s both stylish and resilient, or consider an ornate wrought-iron door mat for something a bit more heavy-duty.


Shower Curtains

Floral print shower curtain

Shower curtains play an integral role in creating a clean and stylish bathroom atmosphere, and there are plenty of bright and refreshing options when it comes to swapping it out for spring. Lighten up your space with a minimalist-style curtain made from water-resistant polyester or linen, or add instant character with plastic curtains that incorporate dazzling florals and springtime greenery. Some curtains are even included as part of a bathroom collection that includes coordinated accessory sets and a matching floor mat to help create an create an ultra-cohesive springtime look.


Clothing Storage

Under bed storage for winter clothes

As the days get warmer and the snow begins to melt, you’ll be able to put that hefty snow gear away until next winter. As you switch out your seasonal wardrobe, you can also swap out the storage racks and bins you’ve used to hold your winter gear. A simple coat rack is perfect for hanging raincoats and light sweaters, and waterproof mats keep puddles from your rubber boots to a minimum. Entryway umbrella stands keep umbrellas close at hand in case of any sudden April showers.


Outdoor Accents

Planter with bright colored flowers

Swap out your winter lawn decor with springtime garden accents that add character and welcome fresh greenery and wildlife. Garden stools add refined charm to your outdoor seating while artistic decor like gnomes or fairy figurines lend a touch of playful whimsy. Simple water features like birdbaths are perfect for some cool reflection, and the babbling charm of outdoor fountains offers a tranquil ambiance. A well-placed planter or two is an excellent place to grow flowers and makes for a fresh complement to any patio or garden-side seating in your yard.


Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor sectional on patio

Longer days are great for outdoor entertaining, and spring is the perfect time to refresh your patio furniture setup. Clean off your existing furniture to make sure it’s in tip-top shape, and then swap out last season’s dusty cushions and throw pillows for fresh and colorful options that help bring your outdoor area to life. If you’re short on seating, consider swapping out smaller lounges and chairs for a patio sofa or sectional that accommodates large groups with ease.



Dinnerware on table

If hosting get-togethers is your cup of tea, you can get your banquet spring-ready by swapping out your old dishes and serveware for cheerful pieces that incorporate springtime colors and natural imagery. Fine china with intricate florals makes a refined statement at a place settingwhile fresh and simple geometric patterns and neat pastels are a springtime must. Round off your set with statement-making platters and serving bowls for Eastertime entertaining your guests are sure to love.


Table Linens

Table linens on table

While dishware plays a great role in your spring table setting, the right accent linens can be just as important. Transform your table by swapping out solid-color tablecloths, runners, and napkins for bright and colorful alternatives. Floral embroidery lends loads of springtime charm, and abstract patterns and geometric shapes provide plenty of playful personality. Switch out winter placemats for natural materials like textured jute and seagrass, or enjoy a more reserved look with delicate placemats expertly crafted from silk or lace.


Area Rugs

Flower patterned area rug

Area rugs are designed to cover large portions of your floor. Although swapping them out may take a bit more effort than other items, the effect it will have on your space is worth the work. Look for indoor and outdoor area rugs that capture the warmth and energy of the spring season. Find classic designs that incorporate unique color combinations into floral and geometric patterns, or stick with a flat-woven style that uses natural materials to add tons of durability and earthy character to your space.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor string lights

Good lighting will help you make the most of your outdoor space as evenings get longer. Swap out holiday lanterns for any number of spring-ready light sources. Solar-powered lanterns can help mark paths at night while decorative post-style lamps add as much character to your yard as they do illumination. String lights come in plenty of radiant styles and designs that can be woven between the rafters of your pergola or hung along a wall or fence. Suspend pastel-colored paper lanterns for festive occasions, or replace your overhead light with an outdoor ceiling fan to keep springtime air flowing.


Gardening Accessories

Wood gardening bench

Nothing goes better with spring than spending time in your garden, and it’s easy to swap your snow shovel and winter mittens for a spade and pair of gardening gloves. Potting benches are great for storing all the tools you need to plant, prune, and tend to your garden while providing plenty of extra space for the flowerpots and planters you plan to fill. Swap out winter specific clothing in your garage or shed with gardening aprons or overalls that make it easy to get to work no matter when the mood strikes.

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