15 Mantel Decor Ideas for Above Your Fireplace

15 Mantel Decor Ideas for Above Your Fireplace

15 Mantel Decor Ideas for Above Your Fireplace

Your mantel is often the focal point of your living room, so having it beautifully styled is important to the overall look and feel of your space. There are seemingly endless options when coming up with a gorgeous mantel display, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite decor for above your fireplace that will guarantee a visually stunning design. For more fireplace decorating ideas, check out our Mantel Decorating Ideas by Season. 

Fireplace Mantel Decor



Mirror above fireplace
Image Provided by: New Darlings

Hanging a large mirror above your fireplace is a classic way to decorate your mantel. Not only do mirrors add a touch of glamour, but they also create the illusion of a more open space. A traditional rectangular mirror in an ornate frame conveys luxury and elegance while a circular mirror with a minimal frame makes a more contemporary statement. Decide what works with your style and then supplement your mirror of choice with complementary items such as candles and vases.



Artwork above fireplace


You don’t have to be a fine art connoisseur to feature art you love in your home, and above your mantel is the perfect place to show off your artistic taste. Whether you hang a large piece of canvas art or stagger smaller framed pieces, decorating with art is a fun way to inject some personality and flavor into your fireplace setup. Make sure the color in the pieces you choose matches the palette of your living room. Black and white photo art is one popular choice that goes with a variety of decor styles and color schemes.


Family Photos

Family photos above fireplace
Image Provided by: Pursuit of Handyness

Your fireplace is the focal point for gatherings with family and friends, so it makes sense to display memories of those dearest to you. Family portraits or candid photos can be easily framed and hung above your mantel for all to see. Another method is having your pictures rest on the mantel, leaning against your fireplace. You can layer staggered photos this way to add some depth to your decor and include even more cherished moments in your display.



Television above fireplace


For some, a TV over the fireplace may seem more practical than style-conscious, but when done right, a television can be a sleek and functional addition. The newer the TV, the better – slim TVs with minimal bezels are the current trend. You’ll also want to make sure your television is the right size. Your screen should be at least partially framed by the fireplace backsplash, but not dwarfed by it. Consolidate cords as much as possible for a clean look that will allow you to place a few accompanying decor accents on your mantel.



Clock above fireplace
Image Provided by: The DIY Mommy

A decorative wall clock makes a stylish and practical centerpiece for above your fireplace mantel. It’s always useful to have a clock in your main room, and decorative clocks are typically oversized, making it easier to tell the time from any angle or distance. They also come in a variety of decor styles, so you can browse a host of different materials and faces until you find the perfect one for your space.



Wreath above fireplace
Image Provided by: Bless this Nest

Bring a touch of the outdoors inside with a festive decorative wreath. You can find an array of year-round wreath options online or get creative and make your own as a fun DIY project. Wreaths can be made from natural materials such as flexible twigs, olive branches, or lavender, or from manmade craft supplies such as twine or tulle. Center your wreath over your fireplace and complement it with beautiful lanterns, plants, and your favorite decor accents.



Chalkboard above fireplace
Image Provided by: Twelve On Main

The distressed surface of a chalkboard is the perfect complement to a Farmhouse or Shabby Chic fireplace. It’s also a reusable surface that you can fill with cute sketches, the family motto, or your favorite quotes. Your chalkboard can be hung above the mantel or rest on top of it. Dress up the rest of your mantel with other antique-like items to keep your look consistent. You can also bring in ivy or other plant life to help balance the black-and-white focus.


Window Pane

Window Pane above fireplace
Image Provided by: Hilltown House

A worn wooden window pane is another centerpiece that can give your fireplace mantel some Farmhouse flair.  You can dress it up with ribbon or paint it to have it better match your room’s style. One unique take is to place photos in each framed piece of glass in the window. Pair this antique piece with other Farmhouse elements, such as small tins or other metal accents, for an adorably homey mantelscape.


Plants & Flowers

Plants & flowers above fireplace


Fill the area above your fireplace with the natural beauty of flowers and plants. You can use a large floral arrangement as your centerpiece and supplement it with smaller vases and standalone branches. Ivy is one great filler that you can place directly on your mantel.



Driftwood wreath above fireplace
Image Provided by: Southern State of Mind

Creating a Coastal fireplace is a breeze when you use the right materials. A gnarled piece of natural driftwood brings the weathered appearance and outdoor appeal your mantel needs. You can also use sculptures made from either real or synthetic driftwood. Other nautical accents, such as seashells, will pair well with your petrified centerpiece.



Decorative letter above fireplace
Image Provided by: Home Bunch

You can incorporate letters into your mantel decorating in a few different ways. Industrial-style metal lettering is large and attention-grabbing, which makes it a natural centerpiece for your mantel. Wooden lettering is more traditional, and printed letters on wooden blocks is another alphabetical option. Some ideas are to feature your initials, surname, or a simple word that describes your family or home.



Ceramic vases above fireplace
Image Provided by: Just a Girl

Ceramic jars, plates, and urns are all great ways to make your hearth feel like home. Ceramics are versatile enough to work with a variety of decorating styles and come in every color imaginable. Whether you use ceramic vases filled with flowers as weight or use a large ceramic plate as an anchor, you won’t regret bringing this material into your fireplace decor.


Lanterns & Candles

Lanterns & candles above fireplace
Image Provided by: Jenna Sue Design

Unlit candles can be weight or filler, depending on their size. Use pillar candles for a display that’s sure to be noticed and tealight or votive candles if you prefer a subtle setup. Lanterns are larger and can either take center stage or stay on the sides as supporting decor. Bronze lanterns give a contemporary feel to your mantel while distressed or worn wooden lanterns lend a perfectly shabby influence.


Antler Decor

Antlers above fireplace


If you really want to commit to a rustic feel for your fireplace or aim to create the quintessential country cabin, antler decor is the perfect decorative centerpiece. Antler decor can be useful to many design styles, whether you’re creating a chic Scandinavian space or a Bohemian bungalow. You may also want to look for natural wood carvings and other outdoors-inspired accents to add some variety to your mantel.


Metal Wall Decor

Metal wall decor above fireplace
Image Provided by: The Lettered Cottage

Metal wall decor is bold, durable, and it makes a statement wherever you use it, especially if that space is above your fireplace mantel. Metallic decor comes in a variety of polishes and colors. Even a popular piece, such as a large metal star, can have multiple looks based on the type of metal used, the finish, and the amount of polish. Whether you need something bright and brassy or aged and rusted, metal wall hangings will inject some personality into your fireplace decor.

Mantel Decorating in 30 Seconds

The space above your mantel is like a blank canvas where you can create beautiful visual interest with anything from wreaths to framed mirrors. When you’re ready, start shopping decorative accessories on Overstock.com for free shipping* on every order.


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