10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Replace Your Mattress

Just face it — you've become so attached to your worn-out mattress that you're almost convinced you don't actually need a good night's rest. We totally get where you're coming from. We realize that change is hard, so we support your decision to keep your old, tired mattress (instead of replacing it with a new, comfortable one) with some conditions.
10 Reasons You Shouldn't Replace Your Mattress

Your queen-size mattress is totally big enough for you, your spouse, the two dogs, and one toddler.

Two dogs sleeping on bed

Family time is great, but not at the expense of your sleeping space. If your sleeping quarters are cramped, consider a upgrading to a larger size.


You like how the uneven springs massage your back and hit your pressure points.

Urban industrial bedroom

Massages and pressure points are for licensed professionals, not your stone-age mattress. If your mattress springs are uneven or broken, it’s time to start shopping.


You prefer to sweat it out in your bed because it's cheaper than going to a sauna.

Close up of a bed and nightstand

But if you get hot when you sleep, we recommend beating the heat with cool gel memory foam.


You feel less lonely knowing that bed bugs and dust mites are sleeping with you.

Close up mattress on bed

Over time, your mattress collects dust mites and sometimes bed bugs. Because of this, we recommend that you replace your mattress every 7-10 years to stay healthy.


You're a hipster who thinks having a mattress that offers custom support is too mainstream.

Girl laying on bed

Being hipster is fine, but when it comes to the right back support, it’s okay to be mainstream. Leave the quirky originality to your vintage T-shirts and obscure cassette tape collection.


The crater in the middle of your bed feels like a warm hug.

Woman eating breakfast in bed

Not saying you don’t deserve a hug, but kick that crater — and your backaches — to the curb with a supportive memory foam mattress. It molds to your favorite sleeping position, creating a nice, stable relationship between you and your down time.


Your mattress reminds you of when you used to have sleepovers on the living room floor as a kid.

Green monochromatic bedroom

Nostalgia can be sweet, but a rock-hard mattress is not. Shop for a mattress with a little more give, like a eurotop or medium-firm memory foam.


The constant tossing and turning at night helps you burn calories while you sleep.

A bed that makes you toss and turn, a reason why you shouldn't replace your mattress

Tossing and turning can be a sign of poor sleep due to low-quality bedding. Leave your workout at the gym, and invest in a mattress that shows you what it means to relax.


Your kids use your mattress as a science experiment.

Mom & daughter in bed

Like many things, your mattress collects spills, germs, dust, and bacteria over time. If your mattress resembles a petri dish, it’s time for a new one. Don’t worry. Your kids will find other ways to win the science fair.


You love to stay at your in-law's to get a good night's sleep.

Close up of french country bed

Unless you’re enjoying a family vacation, everyone deserves a great night’s sleep in their own home. Besides, even your in-laws’ mattress doesn’t give you custom comfort.

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