10 Non-Traditional Items You Can Register For


When you're planning a wedding, creating your wedding registry is one of many tasks on your checklist, but a very important one. Your wedding registry helps you plan out your future home and helps your guests find gifts they know you'll appreciate. However, did you know you don't have to stick to the basics when you register? There are still boundaries as to what you can and can't register for, but modern registries are including more non-traditional items. Break tradition and add some of these items to your bridal registry.

What You Can Register For:

  1. In the backyard: Traditional registries are about helping the couple set up their home, but what about the backyard? If you have an outdoor space you want to use after you're married, register for items like barbecues, patio furniture, or gardening supplies you can use to make the outdoors just as beautiful and comfortable as the indoors.

  2. For the honeymoon: More and more couples are doing honeymoon registries, especially couples who are already established and don't need anything for their home. You can find websites that offer registries to help pay for airfare, accommodations, and even perks like fancy dinners or spa visits while on vacation. Why not register for the items you need to get there too, like luggage?

  3. Entertainment: You'll be receiving gifts to help you set up your home, so how about registering for a few gifts to help you enjoy your new home together, too? You may want to register for a few board games you can play together for a night in or some items to help you throw a party for friends in your new place, like serving trays and barware.

  4. Tools you need: Every household should have a few basic tools, like a hammer and screwdriver, to help you with minor projects, like hanging pictures, assembling furniture, or doing a few repairs around the house. If you're moving into a fixer-upper after your marriage, consider registering for some of the power tools you'll need to complete all the projects you have planned for your place.

  5. Electronics: Traditionally, linens and kitchen appliances were all you needed to set up a home, but modern homes are outfitted with all sorts of gadgets. It's probably unlikely that one of your guests will buy that flat-screen TV on your registry, but maybe some of your friends are looking for a fun group gift to go in on, and maybe one of your guests would rather get you a Blu-ray player than a toaster.

  6. Shared hobbies: Do you and your spouse-to-be love hitting the golf course together? Maybe you spend your weekends camping and hiking. If you share a common hobby, go ahead and register for some camping equipment, golf clubs, or whatever you need to spend quality time together. The key is to register for the items your guest know you'll enjoy together rather than your separate hobbies.

  7. Wine or gourmet foods: Are you wine connoisseurs, or did you just take a gourmet cooking class together and want to try some fine foods? These items don't always fit within the newlyweds' budget, but there's nothing wrong with registering for a wine-of-the-month club or one for gourmet foods, not to mention a set of wine glasses and a corkscrew or a high-quality cutlery set to go along with it.

  8. Art and decor: Setting up your home means so much more these days than filling your kitchen cabinets. Let your guests help you make your new home something you can be proud of. Register for art and decor pieces that you love and will work well together. Everything from rugs to vases and paintings to throw pillows is acceptable and will help you get your home ready for your life together.

  9. Donations to charity: For many couples who are already established or want their wedding gifts to go to a good cause, asking for donations to charity has become a popular option. There are several ways to do so, including registering with a charity online, asking guests to make donations to a specific charity, or asking guests to donate to a charity of their own choice in lieu of gifts.

  10. Gift cards: If you want the freedom of picking out items yourself or you'd like some help buying a big-ticket item that's too far out of the price range for a registry, consider asking for gift cards. Add them to your registries at each store you've registered at, so guests know you'll accept gift cards. It's an easy gift for them to buy and one you and your spouse-to-be can use however and whenever you want.

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