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10 Best Women’s Watches

10 Best Women’s Watches

Whether they're a punctual professional or a marathon runner trying to set their next personal record, the right watch is a gift that always serves its wearer — and looks great while doing it. For the lady in your life who's had her eye on a new watch, read on for our advice on the best watches for women.

Most Popular Women’s Watches 2020


1. Smart Watches

Help the tech-lover stay outfitted in the latest technology with a smart watch. These sleek taskmasters link to her smart phone to help her stay on top of priorities like texts, reminders, alarms, and calendar updates. She can also stay connected with social media via notifications. Look for a brand that will allow her to swap out wrist bands to suit her style, and make sure she has a smartphone that is smart-watch compatible.

2. Luxury Watches

If the watch-lover on your list appreciates the finer things in life, her timepiece should reflect her luxe taste. Brands like Rolex, Omega, and Cartier are sure to deliver unbeatable quality and excitement when given as a gift. While you’re shopping, consider purchasing insurance so she can have peace of mind when it comes to her new favorite accessory.

3. Vintage Watches

Whether she rocks vintage style throughout her wardrobe or just loves collecting vintage valuables, a vintage watch is sure to please the antique-lover on your list. Shop for vintage watches with features such as quilted leather watch bands, rectangular watch faces, and intricate filigree. If you want to go the vintage collector’s route, look for older models of luxury watches like Rolex, Citizen, and Movado.

4. Rose Gold Watches

Rose gold is all the rage, making it one of the top women’s watches. If you’ve noticed she loves rose gold accents in her accessories, then a rose gold watch will be right up her alley. Rose gold watches can be more playful for the trendy fashionista, or sleek and streamlined for the girl with timeless fashion. Brands like Michael Kors, Burgi, and Fossil have mastered the rose gold look, offering styles with and without jewels and different band widths.

5. Bracelet Watches

For the frequent jewelry-wearer, a bracelet watch is the best way for her to subtly add her timepiece to everyday accessories. A bracelet watch has a more ornate, jewelry-like band than most watches. Some bracelet watches have chain-link bands, gemstone-accented bands, or cuff-style bands. While shopping, make sure you have an idea of her style so you can purchase a watch that fits her personal taste.

6. Fitness Watches

For the girl with fitness goals, a fitness tracker watch will help her stay accountable and keep tabs on her progress. Brands like RBX, Fitbit, and Garmin have designed watches that track mileage, calorie burn, steps, heart rate, and more. With all these high-tech features, she can meet and beat her fitness goals while keeping a log of her progress. Look for rechargeable models that come with different color options.

7. Two-Tone Watches

If she loves trying different styles, give her a two-tone watch that lets her mix and match metals. A two-tone watch uses multiple metals in its links and face for a unique and versatile look. Combinations like rose gold and silver, silver and yellow gold, and black and silver are becoming more and more popular. This watch doesn’t just look beautiful; it gives ladies more flexibility when matching their other jewelry to their watch.

8. Wrap Watches

Similar to a bracelet watch, a wrap watch also has a jewelry-like look with a band that wraps around the wrist twice or more, creating a stacked look. This style gives the illusion of a watch with matching bracelets and a fun, stacked appearance in everyday wear. Give her a wrap watch with a simple leather band for everyday wear or a wrap watch with fun embellishments like metal studs and rhinestones.

9. Skeleton Watches

If she loves details and is fascinated by the way things work, the exposed movements and gears of a skeleton watch is perfect for the gal who loves the industrial look. Skeleton watches do not hide away the mechanics of the watch. Rather, they display them full on, creating an intricate look. Look for brands like Stuhrling and Akribos that boast beautiful skeleton watches in multiple metal options.

10. Leather Watches

When you’re rounding up the best watches for women, nothing offers classic, everyday style like a leather watch band. If her style is subtle, a leather watch band offers a timeless and down-to-earth look that can be styled in various ways. Whether she likes the polished or worn look, leather bands can be dressy or casual and are available in a wide range of colors.

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