Fur-Free with Overstock.com

Ivory Free

"Overstock.com has gone ivory-free.* Ivory will not be found in any items sold on site. Social responsibility has always been at the forefront of Overstock.com's priorities‚ and going ivory-free was a must for Chairman and CEO Patrick Byrne. "Treating animals like objects is not a practice that we believe in. It is a practice that should be stopped and we want to be a part of that change‚" he said. "If you agree that something is wrong...then you'd better roll up your own sleeves."

Global demand for ivory has long been a significant factor in the poaching of African and Asian elephants‚ driving these species towards extinction - to such a degree that both types of elephants are now considered endangered or protected species. Overstock.com wants to help change that.

"You do the right thing not because of how it will affect the bottom line‚" Byrne said. "You do the right thing because you are the guy who does the right thing."

Keeping an ivory-free jewelry collection is socially responsible; you do not need ivory to be stylish. You´ll find great deals on a wide variety of ivory-free jewelry on site. Shop at your socially responsible online outlet‚ Overstock.com"


Overstock.com is now fur-free! As the first major online retailer to shed our fur, we´re proud to be leading the way in stopping the inhumane treatment of animals. Now when you save on designer clothing‚ handbags‚ shoes and more‚ you can feel good knowing you´re making a difference.

Deciding to go fur-free was a no-brainer for CEO Patrick Byrne. "I began to understand that [the fur industry] really does treat animals simply as objects -- decorative objects‚ but objects nonetheless. So I realized we should stop having any part of it‚" he said after being approached by the Humane Society of the United States.

Once Byrne learned of the animal cruelty associated with fur‚ we transitioned to fur-free within days. "My experience is that the universe is generally benevolent‚ and doing the right thing usually works out."

Fur-Free with Overstock.com

Finding fashionable‚ fur-free clothing and accessories is easy when you shop at Overstock.com. You'll find fabulous deals on a wide variety of fur-free products here. With so many stylish options available at the click of a mouse‚ you won´t even notice it´s gone. And we still have plenty of faux-fur products with those exotic prints you love. So start shopping responsibly at your online outlet‚ Overstock.com.