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4th of July

Summer is in full swing and it's time to get out and enjoy some sun. Whether you're grilling out all weekend or hitting the beach to catch a few waves, we've got the best deals of the season to get your summer vacation started.

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Become a Pitmaster with this Brinkman Smoker

If you love BBQ (not grilling!) but feel like you need to leave it to the pros, you couldn't be more wrong. This smoker makes it easy to produce delicious slow cooked smoky BBQ in your backyard. All you need is some charcoal, wood chips (available at most hardware or grocery stores), meat, and weekend ...
altmanator May 21, 2010

Love my rainchain!

I've gotten so many compliments on this addition to our backyard! I'm glad I purchased a rain chain of my own because it adds such character and charm to the garden. I love the sun but the chain makes a rainy day seem more tolerable. :) It's really cool when the rain flows through it. I wish it hung ...
kgostanian June 09, 2014

Dry Towels in the Winter, Creekside, what a concep

We live in the mountains with a creek in our backyard. It gets cold in the winter. Our heated bathroom floors are great but not enough to heat/dry the towels. Our towels weren't even getting dry in the summer. After a trip to Europe this spring, my husband agreed perhaps we should look into a towel ...
mkumku October 25, 2012

Perfectly stylish shade for any backyard

We originally bought one shade, but we thought it looked so good that we added another one to create a geometric piece that provides great shade while we dine outside. We are outside alot and dine on our deck frequently, so it was important that the shades provided ample protection from the sun. Especially ...
rlin52 June 30, 2011