2008 NRF Foundation/American Express Customer Service Survey
The National Retail Federation has announced that Overstock.com is now #2 in customer service nationwide. This means that amidst all US retailers, Overstock.com, Inc. has taken the #2 spot in customer service rankings, surpassing even Zappos.com (#3) and Amazon.com (#4), and hot on the heels of #1 ranked L.L. Bean.
"When this list debuted four years ago, Overstock.com was not even on it," said Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne. But late in 2005 when Overstock Senior Vice President Stormy Simon took over Customer Care and Marketing, all that changed. By 2007, Simon's customer care restructuring efforts had propelled Overstock.com to #4 on the list. Now, just a few years after Stormy Simon announced her ambition of perfecting the customer experience, Overstock.com has reached the #2 spot.
Of Simon, Byrne says, "If you want to make your company customer-centric, just take the most stubborn, unbending, hard-headed, customer-loving employee you have, and put her over customer service. The company gets customer-centric quicker than you ever thought possible."
NRF Foundation Vice President Kathy Mance said, "Retailers this past year had the extra challenge of offering their customers great service amidst turbulent economic conditions. Any company who secured a spot on the list this year should be commended for stellar customer service and continued level of excellence."
2008 User's Choice Award for Customer Relationship Management Excellence
Overstock.com was recently recognized at the 2008 Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit as winner of the inaugural first place overall Gartner and 1to1 User's Choice Award for exemplary customer relationship strategy as well as the winner of the first place Gold Medal award in the field of Customer Service Optimization.
The remarks of CEO Patrick Byrne and Senior Vice President Stormy Simon upon winning this prestigious award perhaps shed some light on the kind of award-winning customer service attitude that extends throughout the entire company, starting at the top.
"I consider all awards Overstock receives for Customer Care as the highest honors we can receive," said Byrne.
"We run our company by the voice of our customers. I believe that this is recognition of the fact that we've been listening to what our customers want and expect. This is humbling, and a great honor," remarked Simon.
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