Overstock is committed to protecting the environment by incorporating sustainable solutions in the way we do business. Our environmental sustainability strategy aims to protect the planet and allow shareholders to invest and customers to purchase conscientiously and responsibly.

Alt TextInvestigate and establish renewable energy options for our Overstock-operated fulfillment centers in 2022.
Alt TextEvaluate and participate in the EPA Smartway Programs for Shippers by 2025.
Alt TextCreate a measurable recyclable packaging material program within our fulfillment centers in 2022.
Alt TextXeriscape 15,000 square feet of grass at our campus to reduce water consumption in 2022.
corporate headquarters & campus

Our Peace Coliseum corporate headquarters is LEED Gold-Certified. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, is the foremost program for buildings, homes, and communities designed, constructed, maintained, and operated for improved environmental and human health performance.

Peace Coliseum achieved LEED Gold-Certification by implementing practical and measurable strategies and solutions that achieve high performance in sustainable site development, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and building materials and water savings (discussed in Recycling & Waste).

Some of the attributes of Peace Coliseum that contributed to the LEED Gold-Certification include:

  • Selecting a former EPA Superfund site as the location for the building.

  • Installing View Dynamic Glass, which significantly reduces energy use and improves employee comfort by automatic tinting based on the sun's orientation, time of year, and local weather conditions.

  • Using a heating and cooling system that uses Variable Refrigerant Flow technology, resulting in energy usage 33% lower than the average comparable building.

  • Putting in a fresh air intake monitoring system that maintains an optimal CO2 balance.

  • Having motion-based lighting to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

responsible energy selection

We are careful with the amount of energy we use and, to reduce our carbon footprint at our corporate headquarters, we are selective about the type of energy we use.

  • We offset the power consumed in our amenities building with energy-producing solar panels we installed on the roof of that building.

  • We purchase renewable energy through the local power company.

  • We installed electric vehicle charging stations for employee and guest use.

travel reduction

By reducing unnecessary car travel, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect our planet.

We discourage unnecessary car travel at our corporate headquarters by:

  • Locating our headquarters in a transit-oriented development adjacent to a commuter rail station.

  • Our headquarters is within walking distance of hotels, multi-family and single-family residences, restaurants, and other amenities.

  • Offering on-site bike storage.

  • Having an on-site daycare, gym, sports court, and medical clinic.

  • Periodically offering on-site services such as massages, haircuts, chiropractic care, and car detailing.

  • Having customer service agents work remotely, eliminating the need to commute to work.

  • Having other employees work remotely since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, eliminating the need to commute to work.

We have implemented our FORWARD Plan (Future of Remote Work and Re-entry Design) which varies employees onsite work schedules based upon their department and position. Under our FORWARD Plan, we ask each employee to work onsite according to one of the following work schedules:

  • Not onsite (remote work),

  • Semi-annually (onsite two consecutive days every six months),

  • Quarterly (onsite two consecutive days every three months),

  • Monthly (onsite two consecutive days every month),

  • Weekly (onsite one day of every week), or

  • Daily (onsite most days, as directed by manager, or on-call).

Our FORWARD Plan will significantly reduce commuting by our employees long-term.

We discourage unnecessary car travel at our Sligo Ireland office by:

  • Locating it in a bicycle-friendly location.

  • Offering on-site bike storage.

  • Having employees work remotely since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, temporarily eliminating the need to commute to work.

responsible shipping

Overstock is establishing an industry-standardized baseline or benchmark for our carbon footprint using the metrics outlined by EPA managed SmartWay program.

We require our shipping partners to be dedicated to the environment and committed to sustainable shipping. Through our carrier screening process, we work with carriers who are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, have made a commitment through the EPA and participate in the EPA SmartWay Program, and have a five- to eight-year plan that includes the following:

  • Sustainability objectives with plans to achieve desired outcomes, including utilization of a domestic fuel source.

  • Means to measure their Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) output within their organization and what plans are in place to reduce GHG’s.

  • Measurement of the mile run percentage of natural gas and electric tractors as compared to diesel tractors and a plan to reduce dependency on diesel tractors.

We invest in technology partners for shipment consolidation to optimize our shipping carrier routes to ensure more efficient deliveries.

corporate headquarters & campus

Our Building

  • The Peace Coliseum building is constructed with locally-sourced building materials, with nearly one-third of the materials coming from within 500 miles of the building.

  • Nearly one-quarter of the construction materials used to construct the building are from recycled components.

  • The building is designed with water-saving plumbing fixtures, providing approximately 35% reduction in potable water use.

  • We have installed water filling stations throughout the building to encourage use of reusable water bottles.

  • Recycling bins are located throughout our building.

  • Smart printers restrict unnecessary printing.

  • Annual reports and proxy statements offered in digital format to avoid unnecessary printing and mailing.

Our Campus

  • Landscaping includes drought-tolerant, low-water plants.

  • Irrigation system with smart sensors identifies leaks in the system and tracks weather to prevent wasteful watering.

  • Customized water system with location and application specific sprinkler heads and drippers reduces water use.

  • Storm water management plan prevents debris and pollutants from leaving property through the storm drain system.

our fulfillment centers & other locations

Fulfilment Centers

  • We operate our own fulfillment centers in Kansas and Pennsylvania that ship and receive products.

  • At our owned and operated fulfillment centers, we are mindful of the products we use in packaging and are conscientious about recycling our packaging waste.

  • 40% of all packing boxes are made from recycled materials.

  • 90% of all wooden pallets are made from re-purposed wood.

  • 90% of all void fill (air pillows) are made from recycled plastic.

Our Other Locations

  • We recycled a truck load of aluminum from cubicle power poles when we decommissioned our ‘Castle’ location in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • We recycled 6.53 tons of metal components from cubicles when we decommissioned our site located in Elma, Washington.

  • We continually divert used equipment, furniture, and glass from landfills through a combination of reselling, donating, and/or recycling.