Diversity & Inclusion

At Overstock, we champion diversity and support an environment of inclusion to unite, align, and inspire Overstock employees and stakeholders to accomplish the company’s long-term goals. We celebrate, value, and embrace our differences, respecting and welcoming colleagues with unique opinions and perspectives.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of acceptance and kindness. We know that diversity of experience, background, talents, and ideas make us better and stronger. And we have worked diligently to foster both a culture and community that welcomes and protects people of every race, color, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, age, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, or military status.

Two simple values guide the way we do business and are woven into the inner workings of leadership principles, employee benefits, and company culture:

  • Be You: No matter your background, your perspective, your life experiences, your identity – Overstock wants you to be authentically you.

  • Do Good: We do good for our customers, our partners, our employees, our shareholders, and our communities. Our values, leadership principles, and qualities guide how we do good business.

These values, among others, are at the core of our decision-making within the company and embody our generative culture and spirit.

I take great pride in the strides we have made and are making to ensure Overstock is an inclusive and positive place to work. And I am committed that we will do more.

-Jonathan Johnson, CEO, Overstock.com

Alt TextIncrease completion of diversity and inclusion training for all management employees in 2022.
Alt TextAchieve parity in engagement rates among all employee demographic groups, which reflect the level of enthusiasm and dedication the employees feel towards their jobs by 2022.

We have a diverse senior executive team.

  • Tenure of senior executive team at Overstock range, with starting dates from 2002 to 2020.

  • Three senior executives are female.

We have a diverse board.

  • Tenure of board range, with starting dates from 2002 to 2020.

  • Two board members are female.

  • One board member is racially or ethnically diverse.

  • We have a recruiting strategy to help us to attract, engage, and increase the diversity in our candidate sourcing.

  • We are committed to interviewing diverse talent for open roles, including the executive team and the board of directors.

  • We use a multi-rater interview panel process to minimize unconscious bias. Our goal is to ensure these panels include different aspects of the 32 dimensions of diversity.

  • We review all job postings to ensure we use neutral and unbiased language.

  • We ask those involved in the interview process to complete interview unconscious bias training every six months.

  • We have introduced diversity and inclusion recruitment metrics into the recruiting reporting process.

  • In order to keep a focus on diversity and inclusion and better understand the cultural experience of the diverse candidate, once a month during a recruiter meeting, we have a member of the team review a diversity article or diversity research and then lead a discussion with the team. We rotate the recruiter facilitating the knowledge sharing and discussion each month giving every recruiter an opportunity to take a deeper dive into diversity and inclusion.

  • We are focused on career mobility and the identification of career paths that will increase the visibility of opportunities for all employees.

  • We encourage skill development and continuing education, including offering educational assistance through our Tuition Reimbursement Program. We encourage employees to take advantage of this benefit as they build their careers at Overstock.

job flexibility
  • To support working parents, we have onsite childcare services available for employees at our Peace Coliseum headquarters.

  • We have introduced our FORWARD Plan (Future of Remote Work and Re-entry Design) that will provide an opportunity for remote work across more states, increasing our diversity across our organization.

  • We implemented a Parental Leave Policy for mothers to help them transition into part-time work and then ease back into full-time work over time. Additionally, our parental policy now supports men and same-sex partners.

  • We have flexible and part-time positions available.

  • To support working parents while they adjust to the demands of both parenthood and their professional roles at Overstock, we implemented a Caregiver Travel Policy.

  • We provide certified same-sex domestic partner health and welfare benefits.

  • Starting in 2022, we will offer a robust fertility benefit and hearing aid coverage to our medical insurance coverage as we proactively expand benefits to meet employee needs.

company culture
  • We have implemented the We Are Overstock value of “Be You” to promote an environment where employees feel respected, celebrated, welcomed, and authentic. “We Are Overstock” leadership principles outline inclusive behaviors which positively impact our work environment. “Our Qualities” comprise behaviors that demonstrate inclusion and respect.

  • We have Culture Committees in the Marketing, Merchandising/Operations, and Customer Care organizations that were developed organically by employees to discuss, plan, and drive positive company culture.

  • We support the growth of employee resource groups (ERGs), expanding their impact and reach. Current ERGs include Overstock Women’s Network (OWN), Women in Tech, Black Employee Network (b.e.n.), LatinX, and LGBTQIA+ (Overstock Pride Employee Network: OPEN). We are developing additional ERGs (e.g., Disabilities, Veterans, etc.).

  • Employees can select their pronouns on various platforms and software services we use to communicate within the company and outside of the company. We will be hosting a pronoun campaign in 2022 to educate employees on the use of pronouns.

  • We regularly hold company-wide and department stand-up meetings which include information to keep employees informed about our diversity efforts and representation across our organization.

  • We look for opportunities to advance worthy social causes in the community and to promote equality. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we sponsored a booth at the Salt Lake Pride Parade and we sponsored an LGBTQIA+ holiday tree. When the pandemic was announced and we closed our on-site café, we donated the food to a local a homeless LGBTQIA+ youth center. We are working with Utah Senator Milner and Dr. Susan Madsen from the University of Utah, to pilot a solution and create a case study that will educate Utah businesses on how to provide opportunities for women returning to the workforce. Our Black Employee Network (b.e.n.) did an outreach with ReStart to collect clothing and necessities for the homeless community.

  • Our Senior Leadership Team holds regular lunch and learn sessions to listen and learn about the experiences and perspectives of employees throughout the organization.

  • We hired a diversity and inclusion strategist to shape a multi-year plan and reach our diversity and inclusion goals.

company volunteer time off (cvto)
  • We offered Juneteenth as an optional day off in 2020 to reflect on the history of racism and racial injustice in the United States, the Black American experience, and to educate ourselves on the actions, perspectives, and lifestyle changes necessary to better move forward together.

  • We established a Diversity Floating Holiday which allows employees to select and celebrate one holiday as an opportunity to deepen their understanding of cultural diversity. See here for representative list.

  • We offered six hours of CVTO in 2020 for both state and federal elections to give employees the opportunity to participate in the primary and general elections, ensuring their voices are being heard.

learning & development
  • We're in the process of evaluating all current training modules through a diversity and inclusion lens and we are making enhancements to ensure greater inclusivity.

  • We provide open access to learning. We encourage employees to access any number of courses to expand their breadth and depth of knowledge.

  • We have over 20 on-demand training videos and courses related to minimizing unconscious bias and diversity and inclusion.

  • We offer two live training workshops that employees can attend related to minimizing unconscious bias and diversity and inclusion.

  • We require all new employees, and request existing employees, to complete diversity and unconscious bias training.

  • We distributed a guide to help managers and employees better understand how to avoid bias as they evaluate their direct reports and coworkers in performance evaluations.

  • We have a company-wide mentoring initiative to support the engagement and advancement of our employees.

  • We will launch a Talent Marketplace tool where employees can document their skills and experiences to increase their visibility to hiring managers which may provide an opportunity to apply for a broader range of positions.

  • We established a company promotion policy to ensure access to career opportunities.

partnerships & sponsorships
  • We participate in the annual Human Rights Campaign audit in the fight for equality and to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+. Our 2022 Corporate Equality Index scores (national benchmarking tool to measure our corporate policies, practices and benefits pertinent to LGBTQIA+ employees) are up 5% from 2021.

  • We support and celebrate Pride Month. For Pride Month in 2022, we plan to host a guest speaker to present on important topics in the LGBTQIA+ community and send employees educational and inspirational communications on these important topics.

  • Through our partnership with International Rescue Committee and Catholic Community Services, we donated dining room tables, chairs, and home decor to Afghan refugees resettling in Utah after fleeing Afghanistan amid the collapse of the country’s government.

  • We have collaborated with the University of Utah and are a title sponsor of the Women’s Symposium, to promote the advancement of women and provide education on women workforce issues.