The Back Supporter® Elle Deluxe Consumer:
  • Leads an active lifestyle.
  • Has experienced back pain or is concerned about health and well being.
  • Ranks comfort and support first on the list of attributes in a sleep set.
  • Is interested in top-rated consumer products.

1. Antimicrobial Surface Fibers
Helps to reduce asthma and allergy triggers while providing exceptional softness and resiliency.
2. Back Supporter® Foams
High Performance (for excellent firmness & support) and Super Soft (for luxurious surface comfort)
3. Conforma Touch™ Foam
A surface constructed of pyramid shaped tips creating thousands of body contact points resulting in unequaled comfort, and individualized conforming support.
4. Stabilizing Base Foam
Reduces motion disturbance from partner movement.

Coils in the Elle Deluxe are positioned closer together in the center of the mattress where most of your weight is concentrated.

The Total Balance™ Spring System provides contouring support to the hips and improves lumbar support.

  • Durable seating edge
  • Expanded sleep surface
  • Reduced mattress motion
  • NeverTurn™ Advantage
When compared to other brands, the Back Supporter Elle Deluxe mattress offers exceptional value.