Jewelry Clasp Close Window
A jewelry clasp lifts up, then slides through an opening on the other end of the bracelet.
Hidden Clasp Close Window
The hidden clasp opens by pulling up on the bracelet where the two ends meet, one side at a time, or it may have one or two small buttons on either side of the bracelet. In this case, depress the buttons and the clasp releases without applying upward pressure.
Deployment Clasp Close Window
Deployment clasps have a safety latch that pulls back from the top of the buckle. Underneath, a folding clasp lifts out in the opposite direction of the safety latch, enlarging the bracelet or strap enough to slip your hand through.
Tang-Type Buckle (Belt Clasp) Close Window
The tang-type buckle, found only on leather straps, functions just like the familiar belt buckle.