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Exclusive Benefits with Club O Membership

5% Rewards on Every Purchase
Earn 5% back in rewards on every purchase, with no limit on what you can earn.
Free Returns
With free returns for in-store credit on all eligible products, you can shop with complete peace of mind.
Price Match Guarantee
We'll match select competitor's price on the same product, so you can shop with confidence.
Extra Rewards Store
Earn up to 40% rewards in the Club O Extra Rewards Store! With new products added each week, you can earn more while shopping exciting new items you'll love.
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Rewards for Reviews
Earn up to $40 in rewards every time you review a product you've purchased.
Get More with Club O
Overstock hotels update
Starting November 1st, 2019 Overstock Hotels will no longer offer new reservations.
Giving Back
Club O memberships are free for active military members, veterans, teachers, students, and first responders.

Enhance your shopping
Only $19.95 / year

What Club O members are saying...
I Love Club O Rewards Membership.
I tell all my friends about this great benefit. I like that you get rewarded for buying the things you want and then get rewarded again for leaving a review. Its a win win. Everyone wants to be rewarded.

Jennifer H.

I love Club O.
I make several purchases a year on Overstock and it saves me money. It pays for itself whether you purchase a few smaller ticket items or even just one major purchase. It’s worth it for sure.

Kimberli F.

Smart choice to join Club O.
In just a month, it has saved me money and has paid for itself. I've been able to get rewards dollars for all purchases thus saving more on future purchases. Would highly recommend.

Lucylux M.

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Enhance your shopping
Only $19.95 / year