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  • Wallet
    Verified Purchase

    It is a light blue bi-fold wallet made from recycled materials. It does not have the window for your d.l. But other than that vey nice. Very trendy wallet.

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  • Unique Wallet
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this wallet after searching through standard leather wallets. This unique wallet is made of recycled materials (such as plastic grocery bags and tire inner tubes) but you would not know it to look at it. The look and feel, especially of the black recycled wallet, which I also own, is of a material that is somewhat similar to something like a heavy duty vinyl, but with maybe a -somewhat- plastic feel. The blue color of the wallet matches the picture well, and has a very faint, faded newsprint-style print appearing over it that gives it a very casual look. The inside of the wallet has slots for 8 cards (4 each side) and behind each set of four, a pocket that is accessed by pulling the pocket open from the center to slip receipts and the like under each side. It also of course has a cash pocket in the top, just like almost every other standard wallet made. Keep in mind this wallet -doesn't- have a see-thru ID pocket (you would just one of the 8 card slots) nor does it have space for photos (again unless you just slip them into one of the card pockets.) Also, the card pockets can be kind of tight, not a problem for plastic cards, but if you have paper cards (like some of my insurance cards) they can be kind of hard to slip into the pockets without crumpling them up. Simple fix though, you'd just have to slip them in with one of the sturdy cards. No big issue, not for me anyway. This wallet is quite a unique one, and I for one am very glad to know that by purchasing one I can also keep some of those plastic grocery bags from off the roadside, out of a tree, or out of a landfill. The wallet seems to be stitched together well, and very tough, much tougher than suggested by its humble origins. I expect it to last a very long time.

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  • Odd but fun
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this for my nephew who likes to have unique wallets. While not a very interesting color...the wallet overall is quite a conversation starter. It appears to be stitched well and I would say it's a good deal for the $.

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