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  • Great Wallet
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased one of these wallets after searching through standard leather wallets. This wallet is made from recycled materials such as grocery bags and bicycle inner tubes. In spite of those humble origins this wallet appears to be built quite tough. This wallet is very stylish, and while not a leather wallet, is very similar in build quality and style. I can only compare it to something similar to a heavy duty vinyl, maybe with a slightly more plastic feel. This style wallet gives off a more professional feel, but there is also a blue wallet that I have also written a review for that is a much more casual style. This wallet is handmade and has a very unique feel and style to it. The inside of the wallet has slots for 8 cards (4 each side) and behind each set of four, a pocket that is accessed by pulling the pocket open from the center to slip receipts and the like under the card slots on each side. It also of course has a cash pocket in the top, just like almost every other standard wallet made. Keep in mind this wallet -doesn't- have a see-thru ID pocket (you would just one of the 8 card slots) nor does it have space for photos (again unless you just slip them into one of the standard pockets.) Also, the card pockets can be kind of tight, not a problem for plastic cards, but if you have paper cards (like some of my insurance cards) they can be kind of hard to slip into the pockets without crumpling them up. Simple fix though, you'd just have to slip them in with one of the sturdy cards. No big issue, not for me anyway. This wallet feels like a quality item that will give good service for years to come, and I for one am glad also that by buying it I can also help to keep junk like plastic bags and inner tubes from filling up the landfills, too.

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  • Nice Wallet
    Verified Purchase

    I was intrigued to a alternative to a leather wallet and I was looking at the Tyvek wallets When I found this on I thought it was a smart and green idea so I figured I would try it out it It is a cool material that feels interesting and seems tough I figure it will be more water proof then leather I like the color it has some imperfections but understanding how they make these it makes sense. The wallet has all the strenghs of a decent leather wallet, you save a little bit of some cows hide and you save a few trash bags from a garbage dump Two Thumbs Up

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  • it's perfect!
    Verified Purchase

    the boyfriend loved it. it's just perfect. a good xmas gift.

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