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  • mona lisa, mona lisa, how i love you
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    i'd already purchased several blinds in this line, so was expecting a very well made product with a quality reproduction. i was not disappointed. first of all, the blinds hang well, work well and are of fine material. then, the design. mona lisa! i bought it to bring a quirky punch to my living room, and she does just that. the detailing is superb. i've seen the real mona lisa when she was on tour in washington dc and of course, its comparing apples and oranges but the energy, beauty and transcendent life-like beauty is there. a bit eery, at first, in her energy, but delightful once accustomed to her presence. my other two blinds, variations on kwan yin, are much more muted in appearance [both beautiful]. lisa has a great deal more contrast, with the shading nearly black. nice, but it stands out more than i had imagined it would. do try any of the designs in this series. the price is great and you'll have something to smile about as you raise the shade in the morning, even if it is raining.

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