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'Tis the Season to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us, and if all the warnings are true, then the zombie apocalypse is almost upon us, too. Why not kill two undead birds with one stone by giving your loved ones the survival supplies they need? Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like some protection from the living dead. Here's what everyone on your shopping list will need when prepping for the worst case scenario.



Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse with Alpinizmo by High Peak USA 45 Zombie Apocalypse Pack & Tent Set Leatherman Rebar w/Standard Sheath SOG BadAxe Base Camp F16N-CP Zombie Survival Kit MTM Zombie Ammo Can 50 Caliber Hogue Pau Ferro Ruger Security Six/ Police Service Six Wood Grip LaserLyte Zombie Pistol Bayonet Zombie Walker 8-inch Green/ Black Spring Assisted Folding Knife 40.5-inch Green/Black Zombie Samurai Katana Sword Laredo Bowie Knife 39LLBT Zombie Killer 24-inch Green Handle Sheath Full Tang Hunting Sword PSE Prophecy Ready-to-Shoot Bow Package 50 Movie Horror Classics (DVD) The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead (Paperback) World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (Paperback) Dead Inside Do Not Enter: Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse: A Lost Zombies Book (Paperback) The Walking Dead Season 3 (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray Disc) Xbox 360 - The Walking Dead Night Owl Night Vision Tactical Goggles ATV Tek Bandana Style Dust Mask Barska Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest and Leg Platform Men's Wellco Hot Weather Steel Toe Combat Boot Mojave XRAY Camo Belted Interior Drawstring Cotton Pants Columbia River Onion OD Green Survival Para-Saw GLX Aviator and Cruiser Riding Clear Lens Goggles Cejon Soft Camouflage Infinity Scarf Sweet Beauty Women's 'Terra-01' Lace-up Combat Boots Barska Loaded Gear VX-200 Tactical Vest Stanzino Women's Zipper Detailed Skinny Cargo Pants



Gather Your Supplies

First, you'll want to make sure you have all of your supplies stored in a safe place, like a basement or a closet in the middle of the house. If you don't have any gear yet, start with the Zombie Survival Kit, which would work equally as well in a natural disaster as it would in the eventual zombie apocalypse.


Once there's even one infected walker in a town, it's only a matter of time before the whole population is contaminated. When you need to flee the city and find shelter in the wilderness, you'll want to have the Alpinizmo tent set, which has all the gear you'll need when you leave everything else behind. A few tools will be necessary for forging your new life, so make sure you have a good axe as well as a seriously stocked multi-tool. After clean water, ammunition will be one of the most important things to have, so make sure you have a filled zombie-proof ammo can.


Choose Your Weapon

Next, you'll want to arm yourself against the walkers. Which weapon suits your style? Shooting a zombie in the head is one sure way to take him down, so you may want a gun with a classic wood grip. Attaching a pistol bayonet to your gun will give you extra safety.


You won't want to go through your ammunition too quickly, though, so knives are important, too. A folding knife is good for a beginning zombie hunter because it's easier to store safely, and that makes it a great gift. If you're looking for a large fixed-blade weapon, try a bowie knife or a full-tang zombie hunting sword. For the serious walker assassin, only a katana sword will do.


Still want something you can shoot? How about a ready-to-shoot bow package? It's quieter than a gun, so you won't attract more zombies when you take one down.


Study the Enemy

You can't defeat the enemy unless you know their ways, so you'll want to provide plenty of study materials for your loved ones. Start with a DVD set of 50 classic horror movies, so you can learn the classic zombie ways, as seen in films like Night of the Living Dead and White Zombie. Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide is a modern emergency essential, and his novel World War Z will give you an idea of what life will be like once the war against zombies begins. You can learn even more about what to expect from Dead Inside Do Not Enter: Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse, a collection of messages and confessions that will show how the war can go wrong.


AMC's The Walking Dead has become the modern standard for understanding how to survive a plague of the undead. Start with the comics, and then catch up on the series with the season 3 collector's edition on Blu-ray. If you'd like a little more practical preparation, try The Walking Dead video game or Left 4 Dead, both of which have won gaming awards.


Dress for Battle

Finally, you'll want to make sure everyone has the right clothes to wear for the fight.


For her, a pair of cargo pants will give her a place to carry supplies. Add a tactical vest for even more places to stash necessities. A pair of plaid fold-over combat boots will keep you in style while you're on the run. Stay warm with a camouflage infinity scarf, and protect your eyes from zombie fluids with a pair of clear goggles. Finish off the look with a bracelet that happens to have 8 feet of nylon cord and a tungsten carbide wire saw.


For him, start with a pair of camouflage pants and wear them with steel-toed combat boots. He'll need a tactical vest, too, and it would be helpful to have the protection of a bandana-style dust mask. And if you really want to show how much you care, give him night vision goggles.


Is your bunker filled with supplies for the zombie apocalypse? Have you supplied your loved ones with everything they need? Or are you hoping it will be more like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and we can all just dance?



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Never underestimate the power of "Thriller."

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