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    I had ordered this set based on the fact that the set came with a full set of wedges, P, G, and S - which is unusual and valuable as a decent set of wedges alone would cost the amount I spent. The Irons look great and the grips are high quality. What I was not prepared for is the diferrence in the Blade type of feel of the irons, which upon my first round revealed I was unaccustomed to hitting the ball flush with this type of head. I am sure, a more proficient golfer would find little issue in transitioning from the cavity back type clubs (Adams, etc..) I had been using to a more traditional design as these. I was unsuccessful in applying my swing to fit the change required within the one round I have played to date with them. Overall, they feel great and are a great value for the cost. I would recommend to anyone starting out attempting to learn the game or as a good intermediate set. My final verdict is still outstanding until I have a chance to take them out once again or to a driving range.

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