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  • Highly recommended
    Verified Purchase

    Purchased the pool table for my 13 year old grandson for Christmas. He abolutly loved it. Before the night was over we all were playing, from a 5 yr old granddaughter to grandmaw. I hightly recommend this for anyone, young to old.

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  • Pool Table
    Verified Purchase

    I agree with the 2 people its an excellent item and it came in great shape i plan on playing with it with my best friend when she comes over the next. THe set up was very nice very easy to do but i didn't know one of the parts its a Tool 1 pc i'm not sure what that is or how that goes about on the pool table. i'm thinking it might be just a piece to use a screw to screw in the nails into all though i using a screwdriver instead cause i didn't know how to use the tool 1 pc. But i'm thinking that's what that was. An over all i love the item and its really easy to store in a closet which is awesome. There is a hockey table but its also meant to be for a table top only when i first got the pool table i thought it was going to be a table where it had longer legs but i was wrong But its ok because i can just put it on my craft table. i'm always having better ideas of what to do with a certain item. i plan on getting a hockey table on here too but needs to be with longer legs and not just a table top the pool table top is ok for now. I just thought the pool table was coming with longer legs instead of the shorter legs its when your installing them and putting the nails and the washer together i had a great time installing it and its great for family or friends too.

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    Verified Purchase

    Bought this pool table for my nephew's birthday. Had purchased one 9 months prior at a large national chain store for about 1/2 the price of this & it fell apart. This little table is very sturdy, has balls that are weighted like real pool table balls & nice cues. I believe this table will last him a lot longer. Also really like the ball return on this rather than the nettted pockets. The adults had fun playing with this too!

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  • GREAT!!
    Verified Purchase

    This is a great miniature pool table... just large enought to have fun with but small enough to store in a closet. The quality is incredible. The felt is thick and the game balls are heavy. A great purchase!

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