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  • wow
    Verified Purchase

    Cue was warped and rough very disappointed.

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  • Broke after only a few months of use
    Verified Purchase

    Dind't last 2 monhs of only being used maybe 4 times.

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  • billiard cue

    i don't use the case, no need for it, pool table in basement. but i do keep it around just in case

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  • works great

    Great item. The tip has to come off with cardboard and pliers, but it doesn't come loose during play at all. My friends smashed this one up and I had to replace the tip. Drunk friends..............glad it came with extra tips

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  • pool stick

    Case looks nice, sticks works good and is well balanced.

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  • Poorly Made
    Verified Purchase

    The stick is not straight. Would buy for a child, but not an everyday shooter.

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  • Pool Cue
    Verified Purchase

    The cue was not straight and had a wobble of about one inch at the tip. Not usable for playing pool.

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  • Tip tips
    Verified Purchase

    This itme does NOT have replacement tips, as advertised, but that is a good thing - I acquired another stick after returning this one, and find the replacement tips come loose, causing cue faults. Avoid replacement tips, this stick is quite serviceable for a non-expert.

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